Vintage Decoration Trends That Will Be Popular In 2021

Many people have spent a lot of time in their homes during the lockdowns of 2020, so they want to make a change this year and decorate. There are many ways that you can do this by decorating your home and the furniture you place within it. If you fancy giving your home a shakeup and breathing new life into it, below are some of the vintage decoration trends for 2021 to get you started and help plan your new vintage decor.

Mushroom Murano Lamps

One of the biggest vintage decoration trends for 2020 were mushroom Murano lamps, or any other mushroom shaped vintage furniture. Although we are starting to see the demand for these fall off slightly, they are still a popular choice for 2021, and there are plenty of trusted dealers selling antiques like these online. Art Deco furniture is seeing an increase in popularity, and it is going to be big in 2021 as well.

Curvy Furniture

A style of furniture that is going to be huge in 2021 is ergonomically designed items, especially if they have curves. Whether it is a curved desk or tale, or a curvy room divider, selecting this type of furniture will show everyone that you have your finger on the pulse this year. Whatever kind of furniture you want for your home, there will be plenty of choices available online, including a lot of curved and rounded styles from which you can choose. A reputable antique shop will have the perfect antique sideboard for sale for your home.

Vintage Glassware

Another item in vogue this year is vintage glassware, and it is not only decorative items you should look at but also practical ones that you can use. Vintage glassware is available in a wide variety of different colours and designs, and you can find something which will suit your décor as well as your pocket when you look online.

Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors have been popular for quite some time, and they are proving to continue the trend during 2021. A mirror is also an excellent way to create a room’s focal point and help the room look bigger than it is. Antique mirrors are available in a wide variety of different styles and designs, and with so much choice available, you should be able to easily find something suitable.

Vintage Seating

Whether you are looking for a comfortable armchair or a sofa for your living room, vintage styles prove another popular trend for 2021. However, it is worth keeping in mind that when you buy an item of furniture that you plan to spend a lot of time sitting on, the appearance is not the only consideration. You will want your chair or sofa to be comfortable, as well as look trendy.

Vintage Rugs

Many people are opting for wooden floors in their homes, and there is also a resurgence in vintage and antique rugs to add some personality to a room. A vintage rug is not only something which looks beautiful, but it is also a practical addition to your home, which will help your house to feel warm and friendly during the winter months.

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