What’s the Best Way to Market Your New Beauty Business?

Needless to say, kickstarting a new beauty business is an exciting venture full of potential and creativity. Maybe you would often scroll on social media and see incredible videos of before and afters of hairstyles, right? Well, generally speaking, that can be motivating, especially with a high follow count and all the clients lining up for your services. 

Seriously, who wouldn’t love that? However in order to turn that potential into success, effective marketing is essential. Technically, all of those before and afters and unique content on IG and TikTok are also marketing content, and they’re definitely working. Now, you have to keep in mind that the beauty industry is competitive, but with the right strategies, any new business can shine. 

Yes, even a brand-spanking new business like yours can really get a jump start, and seriously, all it truly takes is the right marketing! So, with all of that said, here are some key ways to market a new beauty business, ensuring it gets noticed and loved by potential customers.

Table of Contents – How to Market Your New Beauty Business

Embrace the Power of Social Media

Content! Content! Content! Social media content, especially! Not only that, but you have to understand that social media is a beauty business’s best friend. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are perfect for showcasing stunning visuals of products and services. By all means, you’re going to have to look into creating engaging content such as makeup tutorials, behind-the-scenes videos, and customer testimonials to build a loyal following. 

You need to give people a reason to follow you, and just images seriously won’t cut it either! You also need to consistently post, use relevant hashtags, and collaborate with influencers to amplify reach. But is that all? No! You also need to look into interacting with followers by responding to comments and messages to create a sense of community and trust.

What’s the Best Way to Market Your New Beauty Business?

Offer Special Promotions

What do you plan on offering with your business? For example, if you’re mostly focusing on nails, and you recently got training done from BELO Lash, and you can now offer eyelash extensions for your business, then you’ll want to run a special promotion and discount to get people hyped and lined up for this new service you’re offering. 

It’s like a nice little way to get it on everyone’s radar that they can book multiple things from you (and a lot of clients would rather have their hair, nails, skin, and eyelashes done all in one day in one sitting is possible).

You Need to Consider a Website

A professional, user-friendly website acts as the online home for any beauty business. It’s where potential customers can learn more about products, book appointments, and make purchases. High-quality images, clear descriptions, and an easy-to-navigate layout are crucial! 

Even if this is a tiny business of just you, you’re seriously better off looking into this and using a website. It’s going to make a world of difference because it means fewer calls, emails, and texts about questions and booking appointments because everything will be there. 

However, for SEO purposes and brand authority, it helps to create content, too, and this includes a blog section with beauty tips, trends, and how-tos that can drive traffic and establish the business as an authority in the industry. Don’t forget to optimise for mobile, as many users will browse on their phones. Actually, most people surf the web on their phones!

We hope these tips will help you get started on how to market your new beauty business and get you on your way!

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