Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozier This Fall

Fall is finally here! Depending on where you live this means cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and unpredictable weather. During this time of year, it’s nice to be able to stay indoors where it’s comfortable and warm. If you plan on doing just that, then now is the perfect time to begin creating a cozy space for you and your family to enjoy. With this in mind, here are some ways to make your home feel cozier this fall.

Get Rid of Pests

If your home is too cozy, you could find a few unwanted guests making their own nests for the cold weather. Before you start with other elements of your home, it’s a good idea to research local service providers like Moxie Pest Control to get those pests under control.

Get Rid of the Clutter

There is nothing more stressful than coming home to a bunch of junk all over the place. To make it feel more inviting, you need to purge your belongings and get rid of all the clutter. With everything out of the way and in its place, you feel more relaxed the moment you walk through the door.

Warm Paint Colors

White and lighter colors might be great for making a space appear larger than it really is, but they’re not the most comforting colors. If you’re looking to create a cozy home for the fall, opt for colors of the season. Dark hues of brown, green, yellow, and orange can really bring warmth to any room in your home. You can hire a professional interior painter or you can always paint a feature wall or, the borders, or other accent pieces like the mantel or fireplace in these colors on your own.

New Pillows and Cushions

Want to feel warm and comfortable? Then, add some pillows and cushions to your seating areas. Check your couch and chair cushions. If they are worn down, buy new stuffing or foam to make them plump again. Plush pillows on the couch or chair make for more comfortable seating. You can even invest in a few throw pillows for the floor. They make great places to sit during family time while watching movies or playing games.

Throw Blankets and Area Rugs

There’s nothing like being able to cuddle up on the couch or chair on a cool fall night with a comfy blanket. Throw blankets come in various styles and textures like faux-fur and cotton to help add personality to your home decor. To add a bit more warmth and texture to the rooms in your home, area rugs are a nice addition as well.

Family Photos

What warms you up faster than your family? To make your home feel cozier and inviting add some family photos around. You can create a nice picture collage for your living room wall or add a few framed photos to your china cabinet in the dining room.

Add a Fireplace

Ever felt the warmth of the flames from a fireplace on a cold fall evening? Its embers are enough to warm you from the inside out. If you don’t presently have a fireplace, the good news is you don’t have to plan extensive renovations. You can simply purchase an electrical fireplace that hangs securely on a wall. It keeps the space warm while also adding character.


Candles help to add a certain ambiance to a room. With varying colors, sizes, and holders, you can choose the ones that best match your home decor. Choosing seasonal scented candles can really warm things up. The smell of pumpkin spice on a cold fall day really warms you up inside.

Change Window Treatments

It’s time to put away the beautiful but thin sheer curtains and pull out the warm drapes and curtains. The right window treatments not only make a room look warmer but it feels a lot warmer too as it helps to keep the heat indoors.

New Linens

You can’t stay warm and cozy with sheets and summer blankets. Now is the time to invest in new linens for every room in your house. A thick comforter set can make all the difference when it’s time to turn in for the night.

The fall can be a wonderful time to experience the outdoors, but when you’re ready to come in from the cold, you want a cozy place to retreat to. Make your home cozier this season by applying some or all of the home improvement tips provided above.

Do you have any ways to make your home feel cozier this fall?

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