Ways To Style Mini Dresses

How short is ‘too short’? Is it too tight? Will it ride up? What’s the weather going to be like? How will I look confident in a short dress? These are likely the questions in your mind when it comes to whipping out a mini dress. Let’s address them! Here are our styling tips for feeling carefree as well as fabulous in a shorter dress.

Pick an area and flaunt it

While wearing a short dress, the goal is to keep it classy. The key is to balance out the proportions to ensure your look is not too revealing. If your legs are out, try to keep other parts of your body covered. You could also try wearing a mini dress with a higher neckline or longer sleeves. These tricks will help you wear this style of dress to more occasions and events. However! The ‘classy’ rule goes out the window for the girls who are hitting the town and have the confidence to bare it all. We’re also with you, girlfriends! 

Watch out for that breeze 

Mini dresses are prone to wardrobe malfunctions. Should you encounter an unexpected gust, you’ll need the right underwear to keep your modesty intact. Instead of something teeny-tiny or lacey-racy, slip on something with full coverage or—better yet—cycling shorts. They are the perfect prevention plan.

To ankle or not to ankle? 

In our eyes, there are three styles of footwear that work with a mini: stilettos, knee- or thigh-high boots, and flats. The ankle boot should be considered an arch nemesis when it comes to a short dress. An exposed ankle will create a longer line, which is always more flattering. The thigh-high will be perfect for colder days, adding a heavier contrast to your look. If you opt for a higher heel, this will give the illusion of an even shorter dress. Should you choose to rock these shoes, just ensure you’re prepared for this.

Bag the look

Matching the bag with the dress is about more than just the colour. The drop of the bag and the length of the dress should also be taken into consideration. A backpack with a mini dress is the stuff of our nightmares. Two steps later and your hemline has basically ridden up around your neck. Same goes for a shoulder bag that hits your hemline. It’ll continue to get caught or tug throughout the day. Our number-one pick is a top-handle mini bag: small but mighty; chic yet sassy; totally impractical but worth it.

Who said boyfriends were useless?

The boyfriend blazer or oversized leather jacket is the look of the season. Femininity blended with androgyny is the modern woman we’re all aiming to be. Wear your mini dress with a pair of pointed-toe pumps or white sneakers and you’re pretty much channeling an off-duty model. Move over, Kendall! Outerwear like this is easily found in your bae’s wardrobe—or even your dad’s!

Length is key

Stand up straight, place your hands by your sides, and your ideal length is right below your fingertips. We say that…but, some days, our arms can feel strangely short. The definition of ‘short’ can vary from person to person. You need to be comfortable with the right length and it needs to complement your body. If you’re on the shorter side, a dress that hits your knee may make you look smaller. Tall girls: when exiting a car, try to keep a Britney circa ’00s situation from happening. 

No matter the season …

Summer dresses for summer only? Oh, please; how boring. Just like a pair of denim jeans, these dresses are all-season. Tights or stockings can be extra chic when paired with knee-high boots or even pointed-toe pumps. (Rule one for tights: open-toed shoes are never okay.) Also, play with your outerwear. Add a longline trench to cover the back, but still show off your legs. This is one of our favourite ways to make the mini maintain its relevance. All you need is a white T-shirt and a dress with spaghetti straps. Layer it up and you’ll look super cute!

We hope you’ve found these tips for styling mini dresses helpful! Take your time getting dressed and make sure everything coordinates together nicely. Whichever look you choose, have fun experimenting until you find the one that suits your body best. With so many ways to style this classic garment, there are endless possibilities waiting for you. Don’t be afraid—get creative!

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