Weeds growing too fast in your garden? Find out why!

Keeping a well-maintained outdoor space is harder than it may seem initially. Not everyone is born with a green thumb, and while doing this kind of work can be good for your mental health, that doesn’t mean success will come easy. If you feel like your outdoor space is getting constantly overrun and weeds are growing too fast you may be curious on how to stop this problem. Understanding how weeds grow can be the info you need to help combat this issue for good. 

How can you handle weed growth in your own yard? What do you need to understand about weed control? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics you should be familiar with. 

Weeds Growing too fast? Here’s why …

You blink and all of a sudden all those weeds you cut out from your garden are back growing once again. It can make you feel crazy. 

How do weeds grow so fast? For one, weed seeds come in abundance and from a variety of locations. They have many original sources, meaning the number of weed seeds lying in and around your yard is quite high. 

Weed plants also produce a startlingly large amount of these seeds, creating an exponential growth across your yard that can be hard to comprehend. 

Even if you think you’ve gotten rid of the weeds in your yard, there could be hundreds of more seeds lying dormant just under the ground, ready to grow and spring up when you turn your back. 

Combatting Fast Weed Growth

Combatting weed growth? There are a few things you can do to help push back against this kind of rapid growth. 

First, you’ll want to be sure that you fertilize your yard frequently. Fertilizers and herbicides disrupt the chemical processes that occur within weed plants. Instead of killing the weed right away, it actually promotes such rapid growth that the weed cannot keep it with itself and dies this way.

Of course, pulling weeds by hand will also be necessary. The more weeds you can pull when you first spot them, the more you can curb the exponential growth of these plants. 

Combating weeds can be a time-intensive job, so it can be helpful to look into a service like those that Holmes Lawn & Pest offers to help make your life a little bit easier. Having a professional handle your weed problem can allow you to enjoy your outdoor space with much less work on your own shoulders. 

Maintaining Weed Control

Who wants to see their beautiful outdoor spaces run amok with weeds? Learning how weeds grow and how to stop them is important for any homeowner who wants their property to stay looking the best.

Once you have sorted out all of those pesky weeds then just find some good lawn feed and watch your beautiful lawn grow and flourish. 

Need more advice and information on maintaining your property? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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