Weight loss jar printable – FREE PRINTABLE!

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Weight loss jar printable - FREE PRINTABLE!

Weight is a bit of a funny thing isn’t it? At least when it comes to talking about your weight, weight loss goals, and weight loss journey. I, for one, have always considered it more of a personal journey, though I commend those who openly share their own journeys on social media and their own sites to inspire us with their own transformations and how they reach their goal weight.

As a bit of an accountability step, and to somewhat add to that positive snowball of people who are inspiring us through their own weight loss journey I wanted to incorporate bits of mine onto my site. I am more reserved when it comes to sharing photos of my transformation, at least at this point, but I can very confidently share with you resources to help you on your own weight loss journey! This free printable weight loss jar printable is a cute habit tracker to help you on your own weight loss journey.

Weight loss jar printable - FREE PRINTABLE!

When you’re on a weight loss journey you know that ingesting fewer calories and exercise are key. Now more than ever though, so is medication. Sometimes people know that surgery is their only option. Whatever means you are using to lose weight you’ll know that it is hard work. And since it is hard work, why not keep track of your small victories in a printable tracker? 

I designed this cute weight loss tracker in a weight loss jar printable option as I have seen this design a lot and know that sometimes a weight loss chart isn’t as effective in motivating those of us who are more visual. So, this set of free printable weight loss trackers was definitely the way to go! 

You can print your weight loss jar printable and stick it into your own bullet journal, or into your weight loss journal. Or if you aren’t too fussy you can just print the free weight loss jar printable and keep it on your fridge or your desk to remind you of how you are meeting your goals. 

Seeing your weight changes is a great way to be motivated and continue on with your journey. 

Don’t forget that you need a scale to help you with this part of your journey, and you can get one for under a tenner!

Floral Weight Loss Jar Printable

Weight loss jar printable - FREE PRINTABLE!

The first of our free printables is a cute, small mason jar full of flowers for you to personalise and track how much weight you’ve lost in. You can use each flower for smaller goals, such as a 1lb of weight lost, or choose to colour in each flower when you’ve lost a higher amount.

I have left the flowers blank so you can decide how you want to keep record of the amount of weight lost in a way that works for you. You can colour in the flower, add a number and shade in the flower, or even add a sticker. Whatever works for you!

Take a look at the printable in full below. All you need to do is click on the image to open the PDF file that will give you the free printable, it’s that easy!

Weight loss jar printable - FREE PRINTABLE!

From keeping track of the amount of pounds you’ve lost in this lbs weight loss jar, to tracking kgs instead with a kgs weight loss jar, you can customise this as you choose. 

Heart Weight Loss Jar Printable

The second of the cute printables that we have created for you is this heart themed weight loss jar printable. It may quite reminiscent of Valentine’s Day, but it’s definitely super cute and positive and bound to inspire you through this difficult journey. Look how cute it is!

Weight loss jar printable - FREE PRINTABLE!

As with the previous printable you can customise it as you wish. The hearts have been left blank to allow you to use this printable to track your own personal weight loss goals. Whether you are losing 10kgs or 100lbs you can download as many weight loss jar printable templates as you need to keep up with your journey.

Each one of our printables is created for personal use and in a couple of different styles so you can find one that you like. You won’t find these printables in an Etsy shop, as you can only get them here on the site completely free! 

Weight loss jar printable - FREE PRINTABLE!

We have a lot of different ideas for this weight loss journey series of printables. The best part is that they’re FREE! From creating a digital product to help you with your meal plan, to water trackers, to blood sugar levels and body measurements. If you’re interested in seeing more products added to the list of great ideas or want to have the printable template in a variety of sizes don’t hesitate to reach out via email or leave a comment in the comments section below. 

If you would like for us to create more printables like this just let us know! 

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