What Are My Best Options For A Permanent Tooth Filling?

No matter how hard we try, we cannot completely prevent tooth decay. And while it might be connected to a person’s diet, cavities can develop at any time. Poor oral hygiene is a major cause of tooth decay, as bacteria can get a hold on tooth enamel and gum tissue, which enables growth. You should see your dentist at least twice a year, even if you have no dental issues. As regular oral examinations will allow the dentist to identify a potential issue. If you do have to have a filling, or are looking for options for a permanent tooth filling, here are your options.

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What Are My Options For A Permanent Tooth Filling?

Tooth Coloured Composites

Modern dentistry allows for a permanent tooth filling that looks like it isn’t there; and for most people, this is the preferred treatment. Make an appointment with Sailors Bay Dentistry a dentist covering North Shore‌‌, who can carry out the treatment and no one will ever know you have a tooth filling. The use of composite materials allows for a perfect match. And the material bonds very well with the tooth tissue, making for a strong attachment.

There are plenty of things that you should consider before getting this treatment; such as costs, time, and quality of service. We’d recommend doing ample research and get your Dental Veneers Lancaster or at a dental clinic close to your home that has a good reputation.

Silver Fillings

Not as popular as they once were, silver fillings are less expensive than composites; yet they are very visible, and for this reason, tooth coloured composite filling are much preferred. A silver filling is very strong and would typically last 10-15 years and can also withstand extreme force. The silver filling, also called amalgam, contains mercury and because of this, some people regard silver fillings as a health risk.

Gold Fillings

Gold was once a very popular way to fill a tooth cavity; yet it is very expensive when compared to other materials. Of course, you have the benefit of always having some gold on your person. And there was a time when people had gold teeth fillings for that very reason. Most dentists today use a composite tooth coloured filling, as it is safe, and invisible; while also standing the test of time, and with no harmful effects, a composite filling can stay in place for life.

Professional Advice

If your dentist recommends a permanent tooth filling, he or she would give you their professional opinion on the best type. The treatment is usually completed within 30 minutes; and the dentist would decide whether or not you need a local anaesthetic. Some cavities are deep and the dentist would recommend a local anaesthetic if he or she thought there was a chance of hitting a nerve. But the right professional, like a dentist in Richmond, will be the perfect person to give you their professional advice in a consultation.

Tooth decay can strike at any age, yet it is most common in children, which is why every parent should try to limit the amount of sugar their child consumes. A sugary diet greatly increases the risk of tooth decay, so look to cut out soft drinks and foods that contain high levels of sugar. In the event you can feel the beginnings of a cavity, you should make an appointment to see your regular dentist as soon as possible, and with prompt treatment, the cavity can be filled, thus preventing further decay.

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