What are Vancouver Winters Like?

Vancouver’s reputation precedes it.  When people hear about this icy city, they expect stories about the great cold or the gorgeous views.  Still, what are Vancouver winters like?  How are tourists supposed to travel during this challenging time of the year?  Here’s what to expect when you visit this prosperous city!

Warmer than You’d Expect

Although people may feel inclined to believe that a Vancouver winter is the coldest of all, that’s not true!  Sitting near the sea brings in warmer air that keeps the city just under freezing for most winter months.  Vancouver is there for you if you want to go to a gorgeous town where you can enjoy a little peace and comfort.

Views of a Lifetime

Vancouver has gorgeous Alpine and ocean views that combine into endless possibilities.  The North Shore Mountains stay covered in snow after November, an icy and gorgeous range that looks like it was plucked right out of a Bob Ross painting tutorial.  One glance at the view, mixed with the ocean’s rolling tide, will make anyone start searching for homes for sale in Vancouver.

Amazing Food

When winter rolls in and the hot foods come out, it’s time for some of the best Vancouver treats.  Unlike Canada’s Eastern coast, the West Coast isn’t so excited about Ice Taffy made out of frozen maple syrup.  Instead, this city cares more about things like French toast at Yolks or delicious hot donuts at Lucky’s.  A cup of roaring hot coffee can seal the deal and keep you warm and happy for the rest of a snowy Canadian day.

What To Do?

Vancouver is more than just a beautiful city.  Sitting beside Stanley Park, Vancouver is only a short flight or drive away from some of the best skiing and snowboarding available.  Instead of staying cooped up inside your hotel room, you can enjoy getting to rip down mountainsides and enjoy the fresh, beautiful air.  There are varying levels of skill with any sport, so if you want training, it’s offered!  Just ask around.

Anything Inside?

Vancouver has dozens of museums and exhibits to visit.  Some of the most popular to keep people inside from the cold are the Museum of Anthropology, which offers a keen insight into our future living in this part of Canada.  Walking through, you can be amazed by gorgeous art and history and learn as you keep the cold at bay.

Another fantastic museum is Science World, an interactive nonprofit that has changing exhibits to keep people educated and entertained.  This museum is a must-go-to if you’re in Vancouver with your family!

Vancouver winters are more than just ice and snow, offering a beautiful glimpse into the best parts of Canada with warm, open arms.  If you’re willing to risk a little cold and don’t mind some stunning snowy views, this city on the West Coast could be the perfect vacation spot for you and your family!  Just make sure to keep warm and have fun with it!


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