What Are You Doing To Show You’re Going Green?

Whether it’s domestic political policies, the UN, WHO or worldwide agreements, green energy is a priority for businesses now. Sooner or later, governments around the world will punish business owners for not being powered by eco-friendly energy. So far, there is not an abundance of green power to fuel businesses so, at the moment you are okay as the government can’t punish you if there is a lack of it to go around. Even still, they will want you to start being proactively greener. Can you power your business by other means? Chances are, in some form you can. 

Green company car

Some companies are paying their employees to take green energy company cars. So if you have a company car policy, you may want to change your fleet from hybrid cars to just all-electric battery power cars. However, you need to do a little bit of infrastructure redesign. Because chances are that your employees do not have an electric charger for the car at home. So provide one at work. Special car park spaces can have a charger fitted to them so they are reserved for just electric company cars. You may find you are looked upon favorably by the taxman if you can implement this. 

Green or … red fuel

Industrial vehicles and freight trucks all use red diesel. This is a powerful fuel that allows industrial engines to produce a lot of low-down power, needed for moving heavy loads and objects. Although these types of vehicles will also become battery-powered, at the moment you should buy the best gas oil you can get. They deliver drums of this stuff to your door, the next day from ordering. This can mean you can have all the fuel you need for the quarter delivered to your depot, warehouse, production facility or maintenance facility in a matter of hours. This type of fuel is made with fossil fuels but it’s incredibly efficient and can be used by your 18-wheeler fleet or local parcel delivery vans.

Planting the future

It might sound cliche but being involved in green projects such as planting trees in the forests around the country, could be a great brand winner. It shows customers you are doing something about climate change, planting trees that their children could enjoy and you are concerned about your own footprint. 

You could also give employees the chance to plant a tree of their choosing every month. Or you could help to pay for solar energy in poorer countries. Giving to green energy charities building sustainable farms in poor countries is another idea. Being involved in big green projects such as sponsoring new green technology ventures is great too. Doing something will show you are serious.

You can show you are serious about going green by doing any of what you have just read. Your customers, stakeholders and politicians are all watching to see who needs to be pushed or who will change of their own accord.

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