What Is A Backyard Home And How Does It Benefit The Elderly?

Given a plain canvas to paint your dream home, most people would paint a picture with a beautiful cottage sprawled across a landscaped property with a neat backyard. For those who want to make this dream a reality, they opt for a backyard home.

In line with this, many homeowners extend their dwelling facilities by building backyard cottages taking advantage of their backyard space. With as little as 200 square feet of space, any homeowner can build a comfortable backyard home. This backyard home can be used as a fast solution for those needing more living space. This is also apt for those who want a more convenient living space that offers better accessibility like in the case of elders.

What is a Backyard Home?

A backyard home or an Accessory Dwelling Unit(ADU) is a fully functional prefabricated building added to an existing residential structure’s site. These homes can be custom designed to match the aesthetic sense of the primary residence and to functionally suit the purpose. An ADU is smaller in size and must include all of the facilities found in a primary dwelling. These include a kitchen, bathroom, storage, and a bedroom. An ADU must also conform to all State and Local City and Planning code requirements, as well as energy and building code requirements established by local authorities.

 Why do you need a Backyard Home?

A backyard home is more preferred for any of those who fall into any of the following categories;

  • Have elders in the family who need constant care and attention
  • More space for grown-up children pursuing higher studies
  • Need for an extra accommodation facility to host visitors
  • Need for an additional income avenue

Apart from those who are in need of backyard homes for various reasons, backyard homes also offer many other advantages. Hence there has been a spike in the number of people who want to invest in ADU units. Some of the advantages are listed below. 

Increases property value

Having a backyard cottage is an appealing workable option for families who want additional space or want to accommodate another family. Adding a backyard cottage increases the aesthetic and monetary value of the existing property. This is especially attractive to homeowners who wish to rent or sell the property as a package. 

Becomes a personal sanctuary

A backyard cottage is literally a home away from home. Instead of splurging that money on an expensive retreat or staycation, snug into a comfortable fully equipped cottage in the back of your home.  

Potential work station

Backyard homes work perfectly as a work station for people who run businesses or work from home. Having your workspace in your backyard gives you the option to design the office studio exactly how you like it. Having it in close proximity to your home is even better. Children can also use the backyard home to study, play board and card games. 

Assisted living for the aged

Probably the most important and popular reason why families opt for a backyard cottage. With the increasing pace of life and nuclear family systems, the dependent aged are left alone to care for themselves. Instead of footing an expensive old age home bill, have the aged living in a separate home in the comfort of your backyard. 

Backyard homes: Excellent solution for seniors

Although technology and other developments have made communication quicker, it may be near to impossible to always be able to physically attend to family. Especially if you have seniors who need undivided attention, including medical care. Aging alone can be mentally, emotionally and physically traumatizing.

Personalized backyard homes provide an indispensable opportunity to care for your loved ones. Keeping them nearby, under your personal care and attention without having to foot a costly bill for senior living is advantageous. While senior living facilities advertisements are attractive, the annual maintenance costs are very high.

Even though the ideal situation would have been to move your aging parents with you in your own home, it may not be a feasible option. For such cases, investing in a backyard home is an excellent and quick solution that allows for both parties. The benefits are listed below for your reference;

Can Customize As You Please

Backyard homes are not just for assisted living but can be made senior-friendly. Choosing experienced residential builders can help as they understand your requirements better. Experts from ActonADU.com suggest that hiring experienced residential builders can assist in building a customized backyard home from start to finish. They consider factors like feasibility, design, financing, permits, construction, and even a 10-year warranty. When builders understand the purpose of the home, they can ensure accident-proof interiors minimizing risks for seniors. 

This works, in the long run, ensuring seniors are comfortable to navigate around the home unassisted, avoiding fatal accidents. Imagine the possibility of customizing these homes to the level where closet racks are levered, bathrooms are fixed with grab bars, and motion detector lights in place to ensure homes are well lit yet energy saved. Some builders even assist in fixing sophisticated air filtration systems that check the air for contaminants.

Offers Independent Living 

One of the biggest advantages of moving an aging family into a backyard home is the ability to keep them close yet independent. Almost all seniors have a routine or regime they like to follow daily which helps keep them active. Giving them their own space to do all that they want gives them the independent streak, keeping their mind and body actively engaged. 

Reduces Caregiver Stress

Caring for seniors can be emotionally and physically draining. Especially if you are sharing the same home every day. Instead, having them in your backyard home helps you to attend to their needs, yet allows you to enjoy your space. This helps to reduce your stress levels. Should there be an emergency, you can attend to family almost immediately too.

Building a real, comfortable, user-friendly, independent backyard home is an important and large project. Having professionals on board makes a huge difference. This ensures that your preferences are met within a preset budget. Apart from that, it also helps to care for those you love without recurring high costs. 


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