What being romantic means to me

What being romantic means to me

When we talk about romance, the spectrum of what can be romantic to different people is really wide. Some prefer a cuddly night in with a movie and chocolate, other prefer a stylish meal out, or a long country walk with their loved one. I think the truth is that romance is instinctive and often it comes alive with not much planning having been done. There’s something about joyful simplicity when it comes to creating a romantic experience that makes it more positively raw and genuine. Of course, I am just speaking for myself!

Whatever floats our boat, however, it really is about finding things that are romantic not just to us, but to our loved one. Giving fills the heart as much as receiving. My other half loves simple dates like grabbing a quick bite to eat and going to the cinema (ice-cream is compulsory of course!), and while that didn’t really appeal to me an awful lot initially, seeing how we bond over watching a good film and then having a good old natter about it afterwards makes me feel so close to him.

Being a self-confessed foodie, going out to savour good food with my hubby ranks pretty high on the romance scale. I love trying new types of food and am always on the lookout for different cuisines that I have never tried before. The experience of getting dressed up and going out to eat with my hubs not only still feels like I am going on a date but makes for an experience we share that gets right to the heart of what I enjoy.

Last week, we went to a beach-side cafe and had some lovely fresh fish. We love sharing our plates too, so that makes it even more fun.

Coming home after a date is always really special too!  Cuddling up together in front of the TV is romantic to me not just because of the intimacy, but because my hubs and I are chatterboxes and we love to talk about what we watch. I suppose it all comes down to finding your special brand of romance as a couple and making it work for you.

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