What Is the Real Cost of Top-Quality Fireplace Doors In the USA?

One of the considerations that homeowners make while choosing a house to buy is the fireplace. Not only do they add to the very comfort of the home, but they also add a vital architectural touch to the home. While there are many options for heating a house, a fireplace is preferred for several reasons. For one, a fireplace is cozier. The idea of gathering around the fireplace with friends and family while sharing a bottle of wine and laughter is the ideal definition of home sweet home. Fire is also an eco-friendly option of heating your home, cuts energy costs, and also ensures that your home stays heated even when there is a power outage. So what else do you need to consider? How about fireplace doors.

What Is the Real Cost of Top-Quality Fireplace Doors In the USA?

Why use fireplace doors?

As you enjoy the benefits of having a fireplace in your house, you should give the idea of installing a fireplace door. Here is why it is critical.

1. Safety

The main reason for the sensitization of installing fireplace doors is for safety. Note that open fires are a hazard to your kids and pets. A fireplace door will provide the much-needed barrier for sparks produced by the burning logs. Remember that they may cause injuries and set ablaze objects that are flammable. The doors will also prevent logs from rolling out of place and causing a fire in your home. Glass doors will mainly prevent sparks from flying from the fireplace to where you and keeping your kids and pets from harm’s way.

2. Increasing heating efficiency

An open fireplace can be charming and romantic. However, it does not provide the heating efficiency that your home needs. To provide an adequate and meaningful amount of heat in your home, you might end up burning more logs of wood. However, if you install a glass door in your fireplace, heating efficiency will be improved. A closed hearth fireplace allows a more significant percentage of the firewood’s energy to be converted into meaningful heat. The heat radiates through the glass doors supplying your home with enough warmth.

3. Prevention of smoke

Fireplaces are cozy and romantic until there are sudden downdrafts of smoke from the chimney. These occurrences can cause discomfort. With glass doors, you will prevent the smoke from leaking into your space. Also, the downdrafts can cause cold air to get into the room, which will make you shiver and reduce the effectiveness of fireplace heating. The doors will also prevent toxic carbon monoxide from sipping back into the room. 

4. Aesthetics

The doors also play a critical role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. As much as fireplaces mostly appear traditional, adding glass doors and proper maintenance can convert your home design to contemporary style. Note that the glass doors come in a wide array of shapes, colors, and sizes. This allows you to choose a style that blends with your interior. 

The doors also prevent ash and the byproducts of burnt firewood from making your space look messy: this, too, contributes to maintaining the beauty of your house.

5. Reducing utility costs

Remember that only 10% of the energy produced by burning firewood in an open fireplace is converted into useful heat. This can lead to an increase in utility costs. For one, you may be required to purchase more wood to generate enough heat. Or also substitute the heat from the fireplace with electricity. An enclosed hearth will increase efficiency through the conversion of energy into more heat. 

Also, it will prevent heat from your home from escaping through the chimney, and cold air from outside from sipping in.

Factors that constitute the cost of fireplace doors

Glass doors may be affordable, but the prices will vary depending on:

1. Type of glass

The cost of a fireplace glass doors will vary depending on the type of glass used to make it. There are two types of glass used to make the doors. One is a laminated glass, and the other is tempered glass. Laminated glass is made by bonding layers of glass together using a resin. It would be safe to say that it is tempered glass with an added layer of resin. Laminated glass does not shatter easily as a result of this treatment. Tempered glass is made of layers of glass, a treatment that makes it stronger than regular glass. Laminated glass costs more than tempered glass due to the process of treatment it has to go through during manufacturing. 

2. Frame material

Frames for fireplace glass doors are made of different materials. The most commonly used are brass, aluminum, and steel. Note that different materials have different prices. For instance, brass is more laborious than aluminum, and will, therefore, cost more. Aluminum is also sturdier than steel, and due to this will cost more. 

3. Size 

The size of the fireplace door will determine how much you will spend. A big door will cost you more than a small one because it will use more materials. 

 The design of the glass door will also affect the price. Note that if the design is sophisticated, the installation will consequently be taxing. This will, therefore, attract extra costs. Simple designs will be less costly, as they usually take less work, and of course, materials.

What is the actual price of high-quality fireplace doors in the USA?

The cost of installing high-quality tempered glass doors could range between $600 and $900. However, note that it is not limited to this. The price could go as high as $3000. While estimating the cost of the door, it is essential to factor in the material, size, design, and ease of installation. Enormous fireplaces usually cost $5000.

To get an accurate price, you should consult an expert and layout your specifications for the kind of door you need.

Fireplaces complete the interior designs of homes, and they are also functional. Installing a door at the fireplace will allow you to enjoy the ambiance and warmth, and at the same time, ensure that there is safety. Also, it will help you increase the efficiency of the fireplace in heating your home, and reduce utility costs.  

We hope this post has helped you make the right decision for your home and take into account all of the benefits of having fireplace glass doors. Do Pin this useful infographic for later, too!

What Is the Real Cost of Top-Quality Fireplace Doors In the USA?
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