What Services Does a Tree Surgeon Provide?

A tree surgeon who is otherwise called an arborist is a person or professional who practices arboriculture. They are certified and trained experts in tree cutting, cultivation as well as maintenance. They study as well as manage vines and shrubs in a practice which is known as arboriculture.

Tree surgeons typically focus on the safety and health of individual trees and are different from foresters and loggers who are people that manage forests and harvesting of wood.

Arborists also provide the service of maintaining and keeping gardens and landscapes in top shape. They are usually hired by landscaping companies. But they can also have their individual businesses. You can learn more about them here.

Services that a Tree Surgeon Can Offer You

Tree surgeons offer you a variety of services. From planting trees for you and helping care for them, to felling damaged trees, and much more. Whether you are looking for an arborist jacksonville fl, to finding one in Oregon, arborists play an important role in helping maintain green spaces, be that large forests or residential gardens.

Tree Planting, Care and Maintenance

Arborists are experts in caring for trees on a daily basis. They can offer advice on the type of trees to plant that will thrive in a particular locality, the best type of soil to use, the weather, the best time to plant them as well as where to do so. They will also recommend the best ways to prune particular trees. Plus if you need them to perform these services for you instead, they will be happy to oblige.

Felling and Cutting

If by chance you have got a diseased or dead tree in your garden that is causing you problems due to its size or where it is located, an arborist can be called in to have it felled.

Felling is a process of cutting down trees. It can be quite dangerous so you should not attempt to ever do it by yourself. It is often a last resort and needs to be carried out in a controlled way.

A tree surgeon will have tools like chain saws, impact bar, felling wedge, winch, and so on that makes cutting through a tree easy. They also determine the direction it should fall through by skilfully assessing the direction of the wind and its branch distribution.

Before felling begins, they clear up the area and put up warning signs to alert people. You may also need to apply for a license before felling can be done.

Stump Removal

A stump is the remainder of a felled tree. The stump along with the roots are usually deep underneath the soil and even when it is felled, they remain. While you might not mind the leftover, they could be a source of disease if they become infested. They can also be unsightly.

An arborist can be called in to have it completely removed if they are causing any kind of safety issue, obstruction or you need the space to do something else.

The stump of smaller plants can be removed with a winch but to remove the entire root system, they may use a mini-excavator. Another tool that can be used is a stump grinder which will grind the stump and turn it into sawdust.


Trees are a huge part of the landscape of an area whether in a park, street, garden, or anywhere they are needed. It is important that they are well taken care of to enhance the aesthetics of wherever they are located. You can find the benefits that they add to landscaping here: https://www.earthshare.org/treebenefits/.

While dealing with small plants can seem like no big deal, you will surely need the help of an arborist to deal with the bigger ones as well as large branches. They can also help you plan, organize and design your garden in a way that the trees are properly located and afterward, they can carry out necessary work and maintenance on them.

Trees are an important part of our eco-system and they afford plenty of benefits to society. If not properly attended to, they can become troublesome and cause issues especially when they grow large. Properly locating them is necessary and they can be pruned to enable them grow better.

All these sound like a lot and it is but for arborists, it is what they enjoying doing. If you are looking to work on one whether it be planting, trimming, or felling, you can reach out to them to help you out.

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