3 Tips to Consider When Renovating a House

If you’re as obsessed with interiors and home improvement as I am then you’ll completely why I think about what to consider when renovating a house! Aside from reading design magazines, and watching renovation shows, I daydream about being able to one day undertake my own home renovation. Sure, it’s lovely to have a move in ready property, but getting to work with architectural designers to create a dream house would be fab, don’t you think?

Making our dreams become plans which then become reality is something that the other half and I try to instill into our lives. We’ve tried to do our research to help us in the future, and help you in case you’d like to know where to start, too!

Let’s dive in!

Spend Time in the House

I’ve seen people that I know decide on a renovation strategy before even spending a night in the house. And once they’ve been in the house just didn’t really work for them. This is a mistake we want to prevent ourselves from making.

While it’s probably not enticing to stay in a house that’s a complete mess, it does give you time to get to know the house. What spaces get the most light, how should the kitchen flow, what room “feels” like the master bedroom, etc.

Of course, unless the house has big issues like a leaking roof or mould problems, then it’s a no-go. But if you can help it, then it would be a good idea to get a feel for the house before taking those big steps!

renovating a house: gutted large room.

Set realistic expectations

I think it’s fair to say that most of us have that image of our dream home. It’s fair to yearn to have the perfect living space, but the reality is that we don’t always get to make that dream come true. For example, if you have a small back garden to begin with, but you want to keep the outdoor space and add an extension it’s not going to happen. 

Same goes indoors. For example, having accessible bathrooms is important for many dependent on our health or age. So prioritising what our needs really are can give us realistic expectations of what to expect. 

Stay on Budget!

It can be simple to get carried away when renovating a house and blow the budget! I mean, who doesn’t wish that budget was no object and they could renovate to their hearts’ content?

For most of us though, that’s not a reality. I’ve done enough research, seen my share of renovations (both first-hand and on the telly) to know that you need to leave part of your budget for incidentals.

The professionals can guide you as to what that amount should be but it’s better to have money set aside for that and then realise that you have more money to play with if all goes well, than the other way around.

Have a Realistic Timeline

It can be easy to take on more than you can handle. I can think of a specific instance when a family member had some work done on their house. Said work took an inordinate amount of time longer than it should have! I don’t think they were informed about how long the work should take to do.

On that note, most people expect things to be sorted out within a time frame that is unrealistic. Focus on working with your builders to set out a timeline; it should be feasible, leave enough time for incidentals, and gives you a completion date that works for you.

It should go unsaid that ensuring you hire the right people for the job is a crucial aspect. You really don’t want to be faffing about with permits and other red tape unless you have to, right? I’d rather hire someone who can take on most of the work of renovating a house and make my life easier!

I really hope this post has been of help. If you have any more suggestions do leave them in the comments below.


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