What to do After a Fall and Why Negligence Should Not be Ignored

As I write this post I am accompanied by an ice pack, a warm blanket, and an injured knee. It’s not the way that I want to spend my run up to Halloween, but due to a fall, I have ended up in a way that I would prefer not to be in. Of course, no one ever really wants to be on crutches and in pain. The thing about this fall and most falls is that it was an accident and one that could have been avoided. There’s a big sense of injustice and anger that accompanies falling at someone else’s expense.

In my case, I fell at a supermarket. All due to the negligence of staff in not being aware of spills and not cleaning them up promptly. Water spillage and dodgy knees like mine are a recipe for disaster!

My Perspective

Being injured and temporarily disabled changes your perspective on a lot of things. It’s not the first time that I fall and get injured in my lifetime (as those close to me know all to well!), but each time just makes you that much more sensitive to the plight of others. I tend to be quite philosophical about life. There’s always a lesson to be learned and there’s always something to take away from a situation. I’m better at managing crutches for one. I have become more accustomed to being in a vulnerable position and relying on others. I’ve realised that I have much more upper body strength than I gave myself credit for. You know, things like that.

The reality is that the feelings of injustice and anger that I am feeling just aren’t going away. I’m grateful that I am self-employed and have the flexibility to work from home. But I just can’t help but want to make sure that those responsible don’t just get away with it.

Who is Responsible?

The first thing to think about is where the burden lies. Who is responsible for the accident? One immediately thinks that it’s our own fault, but in many cases, it’s not. It all depends on what sort of accident it was – road, accident at work, or a slip, trip, and fall. When it comes to a traffic accident or an accident at work it can be quite simple to identify the culprit but a slip, trip, or fall can make things a bit more difficult to determine. And, as the experts at fasigbrooks.com opine, such cases call in for personal injury attorneys to get you a rightful justice.

Many cringe when they hear the words “personal injury lawyer”, but a lot of times an expert attorney can help answer our most burning questions. Who is responsible? Can I get compensated for some else’s negligence? Is personal injury compensation taxable? It’s a route that many of us shy away from, but the injustice of a big corporation or supermarket chain getting away with negligence should be enough to lead us to investigate our options.

If you’re in Tampa, Florida for example, which is one of my favourite cities, you really shouldn’t hesitate googling Tampa personal injury attorney. Remember, it’s always the consumer that ends up losing, and that’s not acceptable in any way.

Important Points

From my research, I’ve deduced that ensuring you get medical care is a major point here! One of the things that one tends to do for a sprain or fall is to just try to get up and go home and lick our wounds. The first thing to get the ball rolling if you want to ensure that this doesn’t keep happening to people is to get medical help as that helps the case. Another thing to do is to try and keep a diary of events after your fall.

It’s Not About the Money

Sure, there are those that find any way to make some extra money, regardless of the hassle, but to me, it’s not about finance. It’s infuriating to see that consumers tend to get the short end of the stick time and time again. When it comes to negligence causing harm to people, it’s important to hold those responsible to account. A slip and fall lawyer will help you get the respect you deserve. 

For now, I shall try and cope with the emotional stress from the fall as well as working towards physical healing. There are many traumatic factors that are associated with it. Who knew a slip and fall would be so distressing? It can be and sadly, it is.


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