What You Need to Know About Moccasins

Recent shoe trends are bringing back the moccasins, sometimes called “moccs.” With their distinctive look, typically durable build, and use of high-quality materials, moccasin shoes are growing in popularity as vogue footwear.

Several fashion companies across the globe now offer their own particular versions of Moccasins shoes. Equally, the same cultures that introduced moccs to the world still wear them as a staple of daily life, including moccasins in Canada.

From their origin to their materials, here is everything you need to know about moccasins.

What are Moccasins?

The term “moccasin” is taken from the Algonquian language, “makasin,” as well as from the Proto-Algonquian term that means shoes – “maxkeseni.” The term’s definition is quite varied. It is sometimes referred to as a “shoe without shoes”. It also refers to a specific construction at the top of the shoe, and can also refer to any moccasin-looking slippers.

The moccasin is a slip-on type of footwear made from a single piece of leather, where the sole and sides are stitched together at the upper part of the shoe. Typically, there will be an extra panel of leather that makes up the vamp of the footwear. Visually, the moccasin looks like leather bags that cover the feet. 

What is the history of moccasins?

Moccasins are believed to have originated from the indigenous tribes of North America. During that time, hunters wanted to protect their feet from the cold and the rough ground and the best material that they could think of to make footwear for this purpose was leather.

The leather was sewn to wrap around the foot like a bag. The “bag” design of the shoes became the long-lasting characteristic of the moccasin today and is the reason for its comfort.

What makes the Moccasin so popular?

The main element that makes moccasin shoes so popular is their unique shape. Aside from using excellent quality leather, their bag-like construction makes them more flexible than any other type of shoe.

The Canadian people take pride in their version of moccasins and claim that these shoes are long-lasting and odor-resistant. They source their leathers locally to ensure the quality of their products. They claim that their moccasin shoes can last up to 20 years.

In addition to the popularity of moccasins in Canada, Londoners consider them as high-end fashion wear.

The Difference between Loafers and Moccasins

Moccasins have always been associated with various types of loafers because of their similar look. Nevertheless, they are two distinct creations.

Historically, loafers were introduced in Norway, while moccasins originated from Native Americans.

The original material for moccasin construction was a single piece of soft leather, typically deerskin. The sides and soles were stitched together at the top of the shoe with a leather string. Dis-similarly, loafers are flat or open shoes that are made up of several pieces of leather.

The significant distinction between these two kinds of shoes is the laces. Moccasins have laces, while loafers do not have any.

 There are plenty of moccasins in different styles available on the market today. Taking into account their flexibility, comfort and uniqueness, not having a pair of Moccasins is certainly not at all advisable!


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