Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope: The Importance of Plants and Flowers at Home


When it comes to home decor, there are a million and one decisions that need to be made. What colour to paint the walls? What floor coverings to go for? What style of the furniture, or decorative items would look best? However regardless of your taste or style, there’s one thing that you should always aim to have in your home- and that’s plants and flowers. Here are some of the reasons why we should respect the importance of plants and flowers.

The Importance of Plants and Flowers: They Liven Up Your Decor

Plants and flowers are a fantastic way to liven up a room. Even if you want to keep everything quite scaled back and neutral, they don’t look fussy and their natural beauty never goes out of fashion. Bunches of flowers are a great way to bring in some colour, and the bright green leaves of plants contrast beautifully against neutral walls.

If you’re not a fan of displaying lots of items and ornaments around your rooms, plants can make them look homely without the clutter. You could go with a large potted plant, a hanging basket or a couple of smaller varieties. Potted cacti look cute sitting on a shelf, or you could purchase a terrarium and plant up a selection of them together.

On occasions like Christmas, plants can help to make your home look festive too. There are companies such as worcesterwreath.com who sell wreaths and table decorations made out of real balsam wood. The perfect way to add a festive look and smell to your home. Outside, well-maintained plants and flowers make your property look welcoming and improve the kerb appeal too. The importance of plants and flowers also extends to their effect of our home’s aesthetic value.

The Importance of Plants and Flowers: They Improve Mental and Physical Health

Modern lifestyles mean we live in concrete covered cities, spend most of our time in front of screens, and can barely even see the sky due to towering buildings everywhere. But as humans, still we’re innately connected to nature. That’s something that hasn’t gone away, despite the fact that our lifestyles have changed so much.

For example, did you know that walking on grass barefoot can relieve stress, improve health, stimulate your body and weirdly even improve eyesight? While getting out onto the lawn without our shoes each morning and evening might not be practical, you can gain many health benefits just from having living plants in the home.

Simple house plants can clean up toxins such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide in the air by acting as little oxygen factories. Plants are even so effective at reducing stress, that simply looking at them can lower your heart rate.

Psychologists have suggested that from an evolutionary point of view, flowers were a promise of food or reward for our farming. But even now they still have the same positive effects on the brain, looking at them makes us feel happier. So as well as looking great in the home, they’re good for you both physically and mentally too.

They Make You More Productive

You do not need to go out of your way to visit a physical flower enjoy to enjoy them in your home. Given how the pandemic has necessitated social distancing ordering flowers online seems to be the more sensible option. Yes, it is important that you make the correct decision after looking at all the reviews and ratings of a company.

Numerous research studies have shown that having plants in your working environment makes you more productive. Companies across the globe have tapped into this by adding plants to their offices, and it’s something you can do at home too.

Add a plant to your desk or dot a couple around your home office. As well as them looking nice, you might notice increased motivation and find you work better too!

Had you thought about the importance of plants and flowers?

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