Going to University? Where Should You Live?

University: Entrance to University Hall.

It is official, you have just passed your A-Levels and are all set to get ready for university. There is a lot to think about when making this transition of a simple high school student to a university student. Whilst you may be thinking about the course you are about to undertake, or the social life that will cause you many sleepless nights, before all of that begins, you need to find the most appropriate place to live. The main options to choose from are the University Halls of Residence, a private rental home or just to stay at home with your parents. But which is the best option? Here are some advantages of each form of accommodation.

The University Halls of Residence

With the majority of “fresher” students moving into Halls of Residence, these areas can be fantastic not only for rent, some being as low as £118.49 per week in UK, but for meeting other new faces that have just started courses in the university. Not only that, but a residency in the halls can also provided the safest option for any new student.

Paul Burns, accommodation office manager at the University of Manchester, “there are staff and mature students around to help.” If there is a problem with your Wi-Fi or you are feeling lost around the campus, there is always a friendly concierge or staff member to help. Not to mention if you choose a catered accommodation, this can help ease your student into young adulthood, as there is always a chance to be fed once they come home from a long day at university.

There is also the opportunity for extra goodies to be included in your rent. This include a pass to a gym, to the university bus or even a discount in gas and electricity costs. Some university accommodations even offer discounted parking spaces.

Private Rental Home

One of the main things you will experience with a private rental home is the freedom that comes along with it. You do not need to be “coddled” in Halls of Residence, instead you can get a discount on council tax, bills and remain independent whilst you are getting used to life as a student. Once you have moved in all your stuff in with a Moving Van, such as those found upon “Compare The Man and Van”, then you can share your house with friends and split the rent between you all. When it comes to sharing your private rental home, this can be great fun as you all can make a rota of things to do in the house or even things to buy. If you don’t fancy a night out on the town with your friends, then you can always stay in and relax with them instead.

Remaining Home

You may think that you are losing your chance at freedom by remaining at home. But there are some benefits to remaining with your parents. Whilst your friends will be paying accommodation bills alongside their university debt, you will not need to worry about this. In addition, worries about food bill or any sort of taxes will not even need to be considered. You can simply bring your school work home and work in the comfortable support of your family.

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