Which Type of Air Conditioner is Right for Your Home?

Whether you are choosing a new air conditioner for your home or looking to replace your aging unit, the process can be overwhelming, particularly if you don’t understand your primary choices. If your air conditioning system is older than ten years, the chances are that you need something more energy-efficient or merely a system with more power to serve your growing family. There are many great professionals around the country, so when looking for air conditioning replacement in Chattanooga or somewhere more local to you, first find the perfect professional installer, then they can help and advise you to choose the air conditioner unit that best suits your needs. Here we will look at the primary types of air conditioner that may be right for your home. 

Window air conditioners

Among the types of air conditioning units, window air conditioners are known as unitary air conditioning systems. These units consist of a self-contained air conditioning unit, and as the name suggests, it is typically placed in a window or a hole in the exterior wall. A window AC unit contains all refrigeration components in one place, ejecting hot air and circulating cool air into the home. The condensation from the evaporator coils drips to the ground. To avoid issues, you should tilt the unit toward the outside. Otherwise, you may get water on the floor of your home.

Portable air conditioner units

Portable air conditioners are also known as unitary air conditioners, and are more compact than other types. A portable air conditioner consists of a mobile, self-contained air conditioning unit placed inside a room in your home. It discharges exhaust heat using a hose vent through an exterior wall or window vent, and it has both evaporator coils and condenser coils. These units can be noisy due to their compact nature. However, they are often more budget-friendly than an entire home system. 

Central air

The most common air conditioning system for homes is central air, and it is also the largest AC system. It comprises two units, the condensing and evaporative unit, with a large outdoor unit and an indoor system. Central air systems are controlled by a thermostat and are the most effective cooling unit if your budget allows. For homes without ductwork, split, or ductless, air conditioners are typically the better choice for whole-home cooling. Split systems can be found in homes for whole-house cooling, and they are also ideal for multi-unit buildings or hotels. You can purchase a split system that also offers heating, so it is often worth the investment.

Regardless of the type of air conditioner you choose, an AC system takes advantage of the phase change principle. This means that a liquid expands to a gas, which becomes cooler, and as it heats up, it is compressed back to a liquid state. The refrigerant turns into gas past the expansion valve and cools the indoor evaporator coils. Then, a fan blows the cool air past the coil and ultimately cools the room. The process of cooling your home allows the coils to absorb some of the indoor room heat, and thus, the hot air is circulated back outside.

When you need reliable advice for a new air conditioning system for your home, ask around to family and friends for trusted local HVAC companies. With high-quality air conditioning services in London, KY, AC repair, installation, and maintenance from a team you can trust is critical. Your home’s cooling system is an integral part of your home’s safety and comfort, so choose a local HVAC contractor that puts your best interests at top priority.

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