Who Traditionally Pays For The Baby Shower?

Baby showers are highly-anticipated social events for soon-to-be mothers. And for good reason! After making it to the end of a long, exhausting uncomfortable pregnancy, finally it’s time to meet their little bundle of joy! But first, it’s time to celebrate with friends and family! There will be food, games, and memories made for years to come. There’s just one question that many people ask themselves, who traditionally pays for the baby shower?

While it’s totally possible to have a baby shower that doesn’t break the bank — especially if choosing a virtual shower — it will still cost something. And someone has to pay for it.

But who will it be? 

It might seem like a straight forward question, but the answer is actually a little more complicated.  Keep reading to find out who traditionally pays for the baby shower, plus other fun little tidbits!

Who Traditionally Pays For The Baby Shower?

What Tradition Dictates 

In the past, whomever hosted the baby shower was in charge of paying for it. Well, not whomever. Etiquette practices of yesteryear explicitly forbade the parents, or those close to the parents, from hosting the baby shower. 

Back then, people thought it was poor taste because it looked as if the parents were trying to solicit free baby gifts from their friends and families. To avoid being looked down on, or gossiped about at the grocery store, parents usually waited until someone distantly related- as in best friend, cousin, or grandparent – volunteered to host the baby shower. Unfortunately, this meant that the parents were at the mercy of their social circle. So if no one stepped up, there simply was no baby shower. 

Things are surely different nowadays and you don’t have to follow any of the strict rules and parents have more input. If you want to have your baby shower in spring because it’s more comfortable for you but you’re due late summer, no one can really stop you. Parents are more involved and have a bit more control, but once again, the question arises, who traditionally pays for the baby shower?

Who Traditionally Pays For The Baby Shower?

How Times Have Changed

These days, it’s not as frowned upon if the mother or father hosts their own shower. Sure, there might be a few stricklers of tradition who might complain over what they feel is a tacky display, but honestly, they’re few and far in between. 

This is great for parents who want more control over the aesthetics of their shower. Because, as we know, the host holds all of the power. They get to choose the theme, games, and every single detail about the event. If the parents plan their own shower, they get to tailor the occasion to their own personal interests. 

Since it’s still not “proper” for parents to have a baby shower for each subsequent pregnancy, it’s important for parents to get things how they want them the first (and possibly only) time.

Of course, it’s 2020, so no one would blame any parent for throwing the etiquette book at the window and doing exactly what they want! If that means allowing friends and family to throw the shower, or doing it all themselves, then so be it. Anyone who isn’t okay with the parents’ choices doesn’t have to attend. 

For those parents who might possess a mixture of traditional and modern values, they might find a more casual approach more comfortable. So they might host their own baby shower. But instead of formally calling their celebration a “baby shower,” they might call it a party or a get-together. 

And they might specify, from the start, that guests are not to bring any gifts (even though most will still bring something). 

Who Traditionally Pays For The Baby Shower?

The Only Opinion That Matters Is Your Own

Etiquette has its place in society, and some people think that that includes baby showers. For some, it might, and that’s fine, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. 

Every family is different and will, therefore hold themselves and their baby shower to different standards. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is what will make the parents happy. A baby shower is a joyful occasion meant to mark the beginning of a new life. There’s just no time for new parents to stress over what other people might think about their choices over their big day. 

Who Traditionally Pays For The Baby Shower?

There’s No Right Or Wrong Way To Throw A Baby Shower 

We hope this article helped ease some of the stress that comes with deciding how to plan your baby shower, or how to delegate expenses.  The truth of the matter is that there is no right or wrong way to host a baby shower. 

Some parents might opt for small get-togethers and some might go all out, inviting dozens of people and spending a small fortune on food. Whichever route you choose, know that your decision will be one that will serve you best! 

Alternatively, you might opt to forgo a traditional shower altogether and just go the virtual route! Each year, more and more families are deciding to host their baby shower online and with Web Baby Shower’s premium, affordable services, it’s easier than ever to do so– you just have to choose the plan online with you.

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