Why Broome Is the Place For A Summer Vacation

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Holidaymakers and travellers alike flock to Australia in the thousands every year. The sun, sea, and surf prove an irresistible combination, but there is even more to Australia than the beaches of Sydney and Perth. The North Western Territories are full of amazing places like Broome. Whether you are a travelling newbie or an old hand, read on to find out why you must pay it a visit.

The Town of Broome

First of all Broome itself is a fantastic town with some amazing culture and history. In the 1880’s Broome was known for producing the Mother of Pearl. Many people from Asian countries came to Broome to make use of this. This helped to develop a full pearling industry in the town, for which it is still known today. Due to the influx of people, there are some unexpected places in Broome to visit such as the Japanese Cemetery, which is well worth a visit.

Another thing you have to do when on your Broome holiday is to take a camel ride along the beach. There is nothing quite like seeing the sunset over the ocean, while on the back of these amazing beasts. The camels function well in the heat of Broome and occasionally have a dip in the ocean to cool off.
The Staircase to the moon in Broome at night.

Broome: The Staircase to the Moon

If you know you are heading up to Broome you should try and go when there is a full moon. Then you can head over to Roebuck Bay and watch the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon. When the tides go out under a full moon, it looks like the ocean is forming steps into the sky. It’s a remarkable experience, and the locals have made it even better by hosting a market with street food on the nights of the event. So you can get into the festive atmosphere with a few beers and some grub.


Gibb River Road

The next reason why Broome is such a good place for a summer vacation is that it is part of the Gibb River Road Trail. Following the trail is a great way to explore the Kimberly and see all the sites that it has to offer. You can take an organized tour, or you can hire a campervan and drive yourself.



Despite the hard landscape and the extreme size of the area covered, cattle farmers have made a success of their trade in this area. Although they have had to make a few changes in the way they do things, for examples they herd with helicopters here! You can even stay on a ranch and help out with the day to day running of the farm to get that authentic experience.


The Kimberley

Broome is located in the Kimberley region of Australia. Positioned so close to the wilderness of the North Western territories, Broome is the perfect place to act as a base camp for your adventures in the outback. There you can visit the beautiful gorges and waterfalls, look for dinosaur footprints and spot rare wildlife.

Whether you are more of an adventurer or steer more towards discovering the history of the places that you visit, Broome sounds like a great place to head to!
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