Why Changing Your Specs Should Be Part of Your Weight Loss Plan


It comes as no surprise that losing weight can lead to a whole new wardrobe – hooray! But did you know it can also lead to you needing new glasses? As your body weight changes, the size and shape of your face change with it, meaning you’ll likely start to suit lots of new frames. And it may not suit the ones you were comfortable with beforehand. Basically, spectacles can be the icing on the cake when it comes to changing your specs and your new and improved image.

Regardless of the reason, choosing a pair of glasses when you’re unsure as to what shape your face is – especially post weight loss – can be difficult. That’s why Arlo Wolf has developed a face shape tool that gives you recommendations on which frames will suit the shape of your face. This even includes which frames will be best suited to plus-size and slimmer faces.

Although everyone’s face shape is unique – they generally fall into one of four or five categories. Stand in front of a mirror or take a selfie and study each of the lines and angles that make up your face. When you’ve had a good look, then use the tool shown below to determine your face shape.

Square Face Shapes

This face shape has a strong jawline and angular features with a broad forehead. Frames that will soften and balance these angles will work well with a square face shape. If you have this face shape it’s likely that you’ll suit frames that are rounder, neutral in colour and sit towards the bridge of your nose. This will help to elongate your face.

Round Face Shapes

If you have a round face shape, the width and height of your face will be almost equal and your cheekbones and jawline won’t be very defined. To add definition to a rounder face, choose frames with an angular design works well. Small and round glasses are less likely to compliment your features and should ideally be avoided.

Rectangular Face Shapes

Rectangular shaped faces have a deep forehead, strong jawline and an elongated nose. Frames solid in colour and square in shape, with strong, defined angles work best with rectangular faces. Glasses that are rounder aren’t recommended as they could contrast your features.

Oval Face Shapes

This face shape usually has a balanced forehead, cheeks and chin. If you have an oval face shape, choosing a pair of frames is more about personal preference than what will suit you. The majority of shapes, colours and styles will work well with your features. Arlo Wolf’s only tip is to stay away from frames that are too small or oversized.

Heart Face Shapes

Heart shaped faces have defined cheekbones, a dainty chin and a broader forehead. The most suitable style if you have this face shape is round and square frames that have soft edges. Frames that are bottom-heavy or oversized should be avoided, as they will draw attention away from your subtle features.

Even after you’ve established the shape of your face, selecting frames you like can be tricky. This is why Arlo Wolf offers a ‘Try Before You Buy’ service, giving you the opportunity to pick four pairs of glasses and keep them for a week, before you select and buy your favourites.


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