Why Chickens Make Good Pets and How to Look After Them

3 yellow baby chicks on a brown towel: chickens

When you think of pets you usually immediately imagine dogs and cats, or perhaps smaller creatures like rabbits or hamsters. But chickens can be on the list too. Chickens make fantastic pets, and here are some reasons why you should definitely consider one the next time you are thinking of adding a new member to your household.

They Have Personalities

As anyone who has ever owned chickens will tell you, each chicken has its own separate personality. Some are bossy, some meeker, some are friendly and funny, others prefer their own company. They have as many different personalities are humans do, which means there is always something new to learn and enjoy when you own a chicken – or, ideally, more than one of them!

Fresh Eggs

One of the best things about owning chickens is that you should be able to get a fresh egg from each of them every day or so. There is nothing quite like the taste (and feel) of a freshly laid egg. Once you have tried one you won’t want to go back to the type you get in the grocery store. Even if they have been packaged up within hours of being laid, it’s just not quite the same as going and picking up your own fresh eggs.

They Are Easy To Care For

Chickens really don’t want for much. You can have them living in the house with you, but because it’s difficult to train a chicken to poop in a specific place, it’s probably better to keep them outside in a henhouse. All they need is some chicken feed thrown to them a couple of times a day and some fresh water, and they are happy to do the rest.

Human contact is a good idea if you want them to be really good pets, and of course, you will need to invest in coyote traps or something similar to keep them safe at night, but that’s about it.

Chicks Are Super Sweet

If you buy chicks to rear yourself, you’ll understand that wonderful feeling of holding one in your hand. There is nothing quite as lovely, nothing quite as soft or cute as a chick that is dozing lightly. They say that holding a chick is like holding love, and I can attest to that; it is a remarkable thing.

Not only can you buy chicks and watch them grow up, but you can breed chickens yourself. This will take a bit of work, and you’ll need a rooster as well as hens, but it’s a worthwhile thing to do if you can.

Anyone Can Do It

Unlike some pets, as long as you have some outside space, you can have at least one chicken. They can make a great introduction to animal keeping for children, and if you have never had a pet before they are a great place to start because they do take care of themselves most of the time.

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