Why Choose Vegan Makeup Brushes?

Makeup is a must for many people today. A person, especially a woman, can highlight her looks and emphasize her cheekbones when she uses high-quality makeup and brushes. The quality of the tools that she uses on her face can make all the difference between a flawless and a streaky result. 

However, many people believe that you need to use animal hair to achieve the looks you are aiming for. This can be especially difficult if one becomes a vegan. Read more about veganism here. If this applies to you, you may want to begin evaluating the food you are eating and the products you are using in your day to day life. 

Makeup Brushes from Animal Hair

Most makeup artists and enthusiasts know that makeup brushes are made from natural hair. They might come from a goat, sable, squirrel, mink, or a badger. But the truth behind how these hairs are obtained is not pretty. The industry can be full of cruelty. This is especially so in the cases of minks and sable, where their fur is more important than their lives.

In cases of pony hairs, most of them come from horses that were already slaughtered to obtain food. But in cases of others like squirrels and goats, they are sheared, trapped, and hunted. In many farms, this widespread suffering is rife. Most animals suffer unimaginable pain and live in poor conditions just so that  the “beauty industry” can claim to be a raving success.

Drawing the Line at Cruelty-Free

It’s important to note that the term cruelty-free does not only refer to the materials made from animal hair. It also refers to animal testing at any point during the production period. It’s usually a subjective decision where the line is actually drawn as there are companies that package their makeup products as cruelty-free when in reality they have included ingredients that are derived from animals.

Most natural brushes are made from natural animal hair. These can be packaged by a company that abides by a strict policy of no animal testing. 

But when it comes to drawing the line at what is an acceptable use of animal hair, some brushes, especially ones made from China, are often found to contain hair that has been obtained in a cruel method. Often this has included deceptive practices. For example, goats don’t just get a haircut. There is usually a form of coercion, obviously, in obtaining hair from an animal. This is why the only way to ensure that your brushes don’t include animal hair is to choose vegan makeup brushes.

What are Synthetic Makeup Brushes Made Of

Synthetic brushes are made up of bristles that are man-made. They are usually made from synthetic fibres and nylon. Since cuticle is absent in these kinds of hairs, they are generally great for liquid makeup such as foundation, concealer, and other creamy products. One can easily apply foundation because the brush won’t retain or trap any product. The bristles also gravitate towards each other, making them great when more precise application is required.

Vegan Makeup Brushes and Tools

The good news is that one can have a streak-free and flawless look with vegan makeup brushes that are cruelty-free. There are tons of products made by well-known companies that consists of synthetic hair. Don’t worry, quality doesn’t get compromised!

If you’re still to be convinced, here are some other reasons why you should choose synthetic over animal hairs.

Why Get Synthetic Brushes?

Animals are not Harmed

This can be reason enough to create the incentive to switch. You can contour, do your foundation, and have a seamless eyebrow makeup without harming any goats or squirrels in the process.

They Have Improved Over the Years

There are lots of excellent quality brushes nowadays. Most are even softer than natural bristles. The technology behind synthetic bristles has significantly improved. An added benefit is that synthetics can cost way less than premium bristles and brush.

Sensitive to the Skin

If you have sensitive skin, the good news is that you won’t have an allergy to synthetic bristles. This is not the case with animal hair, where if you are sensitive, you won’t be able to apply flawless looking makeup. You won’t have to deal with watery eyes and sniffles anymore if you go synthetic. And synthetic brushed are less likely to house and harbour bacteria, which is excellent news for your skin.

Easier Cleaning and Drying

If you have a habit of frequently cleaning your brushes, you’ll find that synthetic brushes are easier to clean than others. You simply have to use shampoo if you don’t have a cleaner specifically made for makeup. You can easily remove the brown pigment of foundation as well as the pink blush from the bristles. If you have a dryer, you can use it to air dry your makeup so that you can use it again very soon. Since cleaning and drying synthetic brushes is easy, they last longer and your skin won’t be as prone to acne and breakouts. So there you go, yet another reason to choose vegan makeup brushes.

They are Everywhere

If you are interested in purchasing vegan makeup brushes, you’ll find they are very easy to find. They are available at online stores, as well as at your local boutiques and beauty shops. If you go online you won’t have to line up in a store to buy them.

If this post has convinced you to choose vegan makeup brushes, please help spread the word that not only do they make for high quality makeup application, but are a great way to help tackle the problem of animal cruelty.

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