Why Ecuador Is A Top Family Travel Destination

Choosing a destination for your family vacation can be difficult. You want somewhere that is fun with plenty of things for you and your family to get involved in. While also being interesting, beautiful and educational. With a criterion such as this, no wonder you’re having trouble deciding.Thankfully there is somewhere that has all of this and more. Ecuador may not have been on your list of potential places to visit, but it should be. Even though it’s small, it’s one of this year’s hottest destinations for families. Read the following reasons why Ecuador is a top family travel destination.
Ecuador: Kimodo dragon on a rock. Why Ecuador is a Top Family Travel Destination

Why Ecuador as a Family Travel Destination? The Wildlife

Ecuador is a brilliant place to go on an adventure to discover new and exciting animals. It’s varying landscapes, from rain forests to magnificent mountains, means they have plenty of wildlife. You can stay on the mainland or visit the nearby Galapagos Islands to see the local plant and animal life. With sea turtles and marine life under the waves to penguins and sea lions on shore, your family are spoilt for choice. You can also find llamas and alpacas. There are plenty of tours and safaris that cater to families and children of all ages
Go online to find out more about what wildlife tours in Ecuador for families involve and to check availability. It’s an amazing experience that you would be foolish to miss out on.

The Weather

When you go on vacation with your family, you hope that you will experience good weather while you are there. Not only is this good for travelling but also lets you experience everything a location has to offer to it’s fullest. Ecuador sits directly on top of the equator which means your chances of experiencing good weather are always high all year round.
This gives you the ideal weather conditions to relax on the beach, sight-see and go exploring. Having amazing weathers throughout the years is a primary reason why is loved by so many families. Download a weather app to see what temperatures are forecast for the next few weeks to give you a better idea.

The Historical Background

If you’re still eager for your family to learn while they are on vacation, Ecuador will not disappoint. Its capital city of Quito is a world heritage site that includes cobbled streets and incredible cathedrals. You can learn more about its colonial history through it traditional style architecture and museums. There are also art galleries, markets and shops that can teach you more about the local history and culture.
The local people are also full of knowledge and are eager to help you learn more. There is something to learn around every corner for every age group to get involved in. Making it a fantastic place to learn and have fun.
You can now see why Ecuador is a top family travel destination. To avoid disappointment, talk to your travel agent or go online to start booking your trip today. Remember to take your camera along to capture all those wonderful memories.
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