Why Engineered Wood Flooring is a Great Flooring Option

I’ve written many posts about the importance of great flooring in your home. I feel that great flooring not only enhances your decor but it is an important aspect of the overall value of your home. We will be moving back into the flat that my husband’s family owns soon. There were tenants living in the flat for 6 years. And even though it was the same family that lived there the house took a beating! The walls need painting, the shower tiles have seen better days, but what definitely needs to be replaced is the flooring. So, what’s the best option to consider? From tile to bamboo flooring there are many great flooring options, but have you ever considered engineered wood? There are many reasons why engineered wood flooring is a great option for the home.

Firstly, what is the difference between hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring? It’s simple really. Solid wood floors are pieces of timber that are milled and formed into planks. Engineered wood, on the other hand, is made of layers of ply finished with a veneer top layer. Continue reading to find out why engineered wood flooring is highly recommended.

It looks identical to solid wood!

Once the floor is laid engineered wood looks identical to solid wood flooring. There are many finishes to choose from. And if taken care of properly engineered wood flooring can last a lifetime.


The upside to opting for engineered hardwood flooring is that it can be just as, or even more durable than solid wood floors. Engineered hardwood can take a big hit when it comes to water, for example. If your house were to get flooded you would need to rip out the solid wood floor and replace it altogether. In the instance of engineered hardwood, well, it can take more of a beating as its threshold for holding moisture is higher. Because of this, you can consider installing it in places that may be prone to moisture; like the basement, conservatory, or even a bathroom.

The Cost Factor and Return on Investment

If you’re on a budget but you pine (see what I did there) for wooden floors, then engineered flooring is going to be your best friend. It’s said that the cost-benefit is even greater if you decide to splurge on the best quality flooring; like maple, for example. The installation cost is also usually more or less the same; but engineered wooden flooring can be installed faster than solid wood floors.

If you’re a landlord then you may also want to consider this a better option. If there is damage to the floor it will be easier to replace. Not only that but the floor can take water spills just as well as tile can, for example. If in the future you are planning to sell your property you can actually state that the house has wooden floors. Technically it does, as the floor is made of wood and even has a solid wood top layer. Which makes your property more valuable.

Environmentally Friendly

A very big factor in the decisions that we try to make is about what impact our choices have on the planet. Is there an environmentally friendly option for something? If so, we opt for that route. In the case of engineered flooring, for example, it is a green and eco-friendly alternative to solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is unique. Solid wood slabs are made from a solid plank of wood. The underlayer of engineered wood is made from the scraps, so to speak. Which mean that there is no waste! Not only that, but wood consumes less fossil fuels in manufacturing than concrete, for example.

I hope this post has helped bring you some clarity about what floor to choose. Engineered wood will be the choice for us for this flat. Not only as it’s a good choice for us to live with; but it will be ready for tenants if we need to rent out.

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