Why Pandora Jewellery Stands Out as a Brand

Pandora rings on lady's finger

Even if you know very little about jewellery, the name Pandora will be one you have heard on numerous occasions. And for those who are in the know regarding contemporary jewellery, the name Pandora is synonymous with style and elegance.

This Danish company was started by a goldsmith named Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in 1982, At first it was on a very small scale, with the couple acquiring jewellery from Thailand and marketing it to Scandinavians.

They continued to import Thai jewellery for the next 7 years. Until it was decided to bring in some jewellery designers to create an in-house operation using a small manufacturing plant in Thailand.

Their set up gave them a distinct advantage over their competitors as they could produce handmade jewellery items at very affordable prices, and with some clever marketing and an eye for style, they established themselves as a very popular jewellery creator.

Pandora Bracelets

Every manufacturer has their flagship design. For Pandora, this came to be their famed bracelet, which was introduced in 2000 after a few years of development and the design was patented. The company has come an awful long way since the early days, and with the Pandora Summer 2018 collection from John Greed Jewellery, only a few clicks away, you can surprise your partner with a stylish bracelet from a world-class maker.

There are reputable online jewellers who offer a wide range of Pandora pieces at affordable prices, and you can browse the many pages of charms, bracelets, and earrings in the comfort of your own home.


This was the key to Pandora’s success, as the ability to engrave your own personal message was an instant hit, and that set them apart from other jewellery manufacturers.

An item of jewellery is a very personal thing, and often, a great sentimental value is given to a particular piece. By engraving your own message, you are really personalising the gift. If you would like to know more about the history of charm bracelets, there is a detailed account available online of how charms figure in many different cultures around the world.

Innovative Designs

The jewellery industry waits with baited breath when the coming year’s Pandora Collection is revealed. And they do have some of the very best jewellery designers on board, with new and unique designs that never fail to impress.

All Pandora jewellery items are hand finished, and the brand has always been exceptional in terms of the jewellery it produces. With more than 13,000 employees at its Thailand facility, Pandora is now a global player, alongside companies like Cartier and Tiffany. At one point, it was calculated that there is a Pandora item sold every second. Quite amazing!

Pandora established concept stores in many countries worldwide. They eventually turned to franchising their brand, which has proved to be highly successful. If you would like to buy your partner an item of personalised jewellery that she will always cherish, check out the fabulous Pandora deals from online jewellers.

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