Why Pursuing An Italian Investor Visa Is A Wise Financial Decision

Over the years, the popularity of Italy as an immigration destination has witnessed an uptick. The country embraces immigrants and provides them with opportunities for an excellent lifestyle. You can avail yourself of all the benefits that a local has, from access to education and healthcare facilities to financial growth prospects. The best part is that you have an option to immigrate even without rigid eligibility requirements. 

The investor visa is your golden ticket if you cannot qualify through descent, marriage or naturalization. You can visit Mbersanilaw.com to understand the process for obtaining it. Apart from the simple process, it makes a sensible choice for money-savvy people. Let us explain why pursuing an Italian investor visa is a wise financial decision. 

Myriad investment options

An investor visa is a route that lets you buy the opportunity to immigrate to Italy. It requires a considerable investment, making it ideal for high-net-worth individuals and families. The real reason for the golden visa boom is that you have myriad options to pick among, depending on your capacity. You can invest €250,000 in an existing startup or €500,000 in an Italian company. If you can spend big, you can provide €1 million for a public interest project or buy government bonds worth €2 million. There is something for all budgets, so accessing an Italian investor visa is easy. 

Funding security

Another reason that makes an Italian investor visa a wise choice is that you can rest assured about funding security. You need not bring in a dollar until the completion of the process. The process requires you to obtain a nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) as the first step. At this stage, you only have to validate the legitimacy of your funds and give a declaration of an intention to invest. After obtaining your nulla osta, you can get your investor visa from an Italian consulate. At this stage, you can land in Italy and obtain a residence permit here. You have to bring your funds only now when everything is in place. There couldn’t be a more secure way to reach your immigration goals.

Long-term benefits

An investor visa is worthwhile because it opens long-term benefits for immigration aspirants. You can start a business here, explore career opportunities, and travel visa-free across the EU nations. The proposition offers value for money as you can get your family along. Even better, you can reach your citizenship goals by retaining your investment in the country. Your residence permit is initially valid for two years, and you can get a three-year extension subsequently. After five years, you can obtain a permanent residence permit and later qualify for citizenship by naturalization after ten years in the country. Hiring an immigration expert is another wise money move as you spend a little but get valuable guidance to secure the benefits of citizenship in the long run. 

The popularity of Italy as an immigration destination is well-deserved. It is a good choice financially because you have a road to residency and citizenship even without qualifying by the conventional routes.

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