Why you need a top handle handbag this Autumn

If you have not seen it, then you probably have heard about it. The return of the vintage-inspired handbag trend has taken the fashion world by storm. Women of all ages have become obsessed with these handbags, lusting after their elegance and convenience- And for a good reason! A top handle handbag stands out in various settings, giving users the ultimate touch of fashion. 

Therefore, it is not a surprise that the bag is rocking the runways in fashion events. Designers and fashion brands like Mirta for example, have embraced this sleek trend, offering an array of top handle bags in all colours and sizes. Here are some of the reasons why top handle bags are running the fashion trend.


Whether for work during the day or a date at night, you can’t go wrong with this style. These bags fit every moment and season to give you a stunning look you deserve. Throughout the four seasons, the bags still maintain their grandeur, making you the undisputed fashion queen. Compact yet not too small, with these bags all the features you need in a bag are artfully fitted to guarantee comfort and satisfaction. Are you worried about space? Relax. These bags have all the space you need, coming in various sizes to suit your purpose and style. You can comfortably fit in your belongings without a hustle.

Stylish for Every Outfit

You don’t have to struggle to match your outfit with your handbag anymore. These bags blend in with all kinds of outfits, from skirt suits to the most casual looks. Their structure blends in fashionably with most outfits to give you the perfect stylish feeling for any event.

Gives an Instant Polished and Ladylike Look

Your handbag reveals a lot about you, and you can’t risk giving the wrong impression. These bags bring out the woman in you, giving you a fancy, lady-like and polished look. The elegance and confidence that comes with the bags are electrifying. What more can you ask for in a bag?

Comes in Every Colour, Material and Style

With these bags, you can never miss out on your preference. Whether you prefer the chain strapped options or the beaded, vintage flowered ones, the bags come in multiple unique styles to suit your every purpose. They come in your favourite colour too! It all narrows down to whatever you like.

With such qualities, you can tell why the bags are the real deal. Coming in various styles, these bags provide the comfort and fancy look a woman deserves. Do you own one of these? If not, your next bag should be a top handle handbag. You don’t want to miss out on the fashion scenes and this beauty is definitely an investment piece worth having.

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