Why You Should Use Moor Mattifying Moisturiser

As a person with a curious nature and love for all kinds of cosmetics I felt it would only be right to follow up with a review of this mattifying moisturiser, designed for oily and combination skin types. It’s not the type of moisturiser I would normally go for. It’s a gel consistency and I’ve always preferred creams or lotions at best. But since I’ve had this mental break out I’m willing to give anything a try!!

moor mattifying moisturiser

This is a 15ml pot that has lasted me around 2 and a half months and cost me £23.50!

opened tub

Like the cleanser, the key ingredients in Moor Mattifying Moisturiser are Witch Hazel, widely known for it’s anti-bacterial, drying and healing properties. It also contains Aloe Vera, which is soothing, cooling and calming and well known thanks to Key West Aloe line of skincare cleansers.

That essentially is all you really need from any product aimed at an oily, congested, problematic skin type because you don’t want to irritate it or risk making it worse. These two ingredients also compliment each other well in the scent department too. The Aloe makes the smell of Witch Hazel much more subtle, which results in a lovely ‘clean’ smelling moisturizer.

I’ve been applying it daily. I even stopped using my beloved Neal’s Yard Rose Facial oil in a bid to prevent further clogging. When I apply my Moor Mattifying Moisturiser I don’t get much chance to massage it in because it is a gel and so it absorbs super quick into my skin.

It’s so good that I don’t even know it’s there! So I reckon all you sufferers of constant break outs will really like this. It doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or oily in the slightest. But it still does its job of nourishing the skin at the same time.

Again, I think I will continue to use it whilst my skin is behaving this way. I’ll then use it as my ‘go-to’ for when my skin breaks out in order to help clear it up. When my skin is behaving I’ll resume my regular routine with a cream based moisturizer.

Do you have a ‘go-to’ moisturiser when your skin starts playing up?

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