Why Window Shutters Are The Best Window Dressing to Consider

I recently wrote a post about the differences between decor in different countries, specifically staircases. Sure, we may all know the interior design basics but something as specific as your staircase can also be very specific to each location and can make or break your design if you’re going for a specific look. But what about window dressing? Can your choice of window dressing also be particularly location specific? We have seen a lot of different types of places within our travels. From hotels to stately homes and each has a unique feel and window covering that gives it the specific look unique to the city or country we have been in.

Whilst we find drapes and curtains lovely our preference has shifted to all things light and airy and that includes our growing love of window shutters!

External Window Shutters – The Best Window Dressing?

Having external window shutters is not really a necessity in the UK. The majority of homes that use external window shutters, or Plantation shutters as they are also called, are homes that are located in places where the heat can be stifling. Shutters are closed when the sun is at its brightest and used to prevent the heat from penetrating the glass.

My other half is Mediterranean and the prevalence in the region of window shutters is quite apt for the climate. Not only that but it gives it such a charm that then becomes unique to the place. From colourful shutters that are matching throughout the entire building, to shutters that seemingly blend into the facade, it’s quite a treat for those detail-oriented amongst us to see the beauty in each building.

window dressing: room with lots of white shutters.

Internal Window Shutters 

The popularity of internal window shutters in UK is on the rise. And that has made the availability of discount shutters soar! Historically you can see window shutters being used in homes in the 18th and 19th centuries. But with time the prospect of curtains became a better option. Fabrics and drapes tend to protect more against the cold, which is the adverse weather that is most prevalent in the UK.

I happen to love going into stately homes and seeing the intricacy and details. The big and heavy drapes, the highly detailed tie backs, each bit of design makes the entire place and the experience just that much more special.

Nowadays though, since our windows can be double or even triple glazed we can ditch the impractical and heavy drapes for a more minimal and streamlined look by incorporating shutters into our design and decor.

window dressing: post pinterest graphic.

Now that you know a bit more about the types of window shutters available you might be asking yourself what the practical benefits are? And how can they be translated into my British home?

Internal window shutters are perfect in British homes. Here’s why!

Low Maintenance

Window shutters are low maintenance in comparison to other window dressings. They can be painted when it comes time to change your decor. On top of that they are so much better for people who suffer with allergies. The curtains and drapes can easily attract dust and other allergenic particles, whilst indoor window shutters can be wiped down quickly with a damp rag to pick up any dust that may have accumulated.

Protective Elements

In some cases, external blinds can protect you from the elements, like hurricane-speed winds, rain, hail, and flying debris. Internal shutters may not do that but it really isn’t necessary for the places where internal shutters are mainly used. The protection though not from wild elements is still important. Internal shutters can keep out the UV rays whilst also allowing you to ventilate your house. Especially on the hot days like the ones that we have been having this summer!

Another element of protection that shutters can provide is privacy. Sure, curtains can do the same and so can blinds but the shutters can be adjusted to allow you to decide how much light to let in. Or even just exactly how much you want to allow that peeping Tom to see! Funny jokes aside you can easily set the louvres, or the panels, to allow you to control the light inside your home as well.

The functionality and versatility of window shutters as window dressing bring a new way to dress your windows that you should definitely consider!

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