Wingz Review and Giveaway!

In this post we are going to focus on a few of my favourite things – fashion, small businesses, and freebies! Sounds good, doesn’t it? I certainly think so. What are Wingz you ask? Well, stick around for this Wingz review and find out more from this new and unique small business.

What are Wingz?

Wingz are a unique fashion accessory that has recently come into my life. The Wingz website describes them as “fashion arm coverage sleeves for dresses” and that’s just the beginning. They are what has allowed me to transform some of my favourite pieces from the warmer months into something that I can wear year round!

Essentially, Wingz are sleeves that you wear under a dress or top to give said garment sleeves. They are not only ingenious to use as I have, by allowing you to expand your wardrobe choices and magically add sleeves (and warmth) to some of your sleeveless or short sleeved favourites. But, they are also essential to help you feel more confident in your own skin!

Why were Wingz created?

Wingz were created and designed by Michelle Ellis. She is one of the many women throughout the world that suffers from a condition called lipoedema. Lipoedema is a condition where fat cells accumulate on certain areas of the body and you just can’t manage to shift them. It’s not a diet or exercise thing, but a real condition caused by hormonal upheaval.

Lipoedema can be a very painful condition in many ways. From causing physical pain and even immobility in some cases, to affecting your confidence and the way you express yourself through fashion.

This is why Michelle created Wingz. She also has a fab business called FatPhRocks where she sells plus size clothing for tall ladies. It’s worth checking it out, just Google FatPhRocks.

How to Wear Wingz

This is the fun part! Styling the Wingz has been my favourite part of owning them, honest. Even on the days where I am just going to be at my computer all day working I will pop them right on to give my arms that extra layer of warmth.

I have this favourite dress that has become my autumn uniform. It’s cosy, and leopard print, and I wear it every single week without fail. I have started wearing my Wingz under it to give me a little bit more warmth. I also have a striped summer dress that I really like, this one is sleeveless and I wear my Wingz with it too! Though I need to get some white Wingz to really match it nicely.

That’s the nice thing about the Wingz, they come in black or white and in different styles. I have the 3/4 sleeve black ones and I love the versatility.

I hope you enjoyed this Wingz review. If you did, you’ll like this part! We want you to start of the year feeling confident, and fab, and as a prize winner so today we are giving you an opportunity to win yourself a set of Wingz! One of you can win a set of your choice, in a colour of your choice!

Check out the widget below to enter – good luck!


Wingz sent me a product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Prize will not be fulfilled by Wingz, but by me. I love mine so much I want to give you your own!

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