How To Work Remotely & be a Digital Nomad from a Motorhome

Everywhere on the internet, you can see pictures of people who are working on their MacBook from their hammock stand or on the beach. Whether this image is realistic or not, working and travelling as a digital nomad is becoming increasingly popular. And for many people, this lifestyle means ultimate freedom, even from the comfort of a motorhome!

Living and travelling in a motorhome

Living in a motorhome is certainly not for everyone. First of all, to fulfil this dream, you must be the owner of a motorhome. If you don’t already have one, you can always buy a used motorhome or rent one. Of course, you then have to consider maintenance, etc. Thankfully, auto diagnostic apps like FIXD can help you fix your car, or motorhome when needed. In this article  you will catch sight of what is involved in motorhome life. If you don’t have a motorhome yet (or have just bought one) and wonder how you handle the basics such as, where do you sleep, what facilities do you use and how do you travel comfortably, this article is definitely for you!

Who/what is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who can work independently. The only thing you require is a steady internet connection. For a digital nomad, it does not matter whether he is in London or in Hong Kong as long as he has his laptop. In addition, most digital nomads are self-employed.

Which professions lend themselves well to the digital nomad lifestyle?

Writing, illustrating, photographing, web design and translation, but you can also run a webshop from abroad, go to work as an independent travel agent or do online coaching via Skype. As long as your clients find it is OK, the possibilities are endless, and otherwise, there are plenty of creative ways to make money. For example, as a writer you can start a blog and immerse yourself in affiliate marketing, a photographer can sell his (travel) photos to image banks and as a translator, you can collect assignments via agencies.

motorhome: man holding orange mug in front of motorhome.

Combining work & travel during your motorhome trip

People who have discovered the phenomenon of living in a motorhome can travel across the world and enjoy numerous adventures. It is very enthusiastic!

There are also travellers, who bought an empty bus and converted it into a campervan. The combination of driving, finding a place to sleep, cooking food, finding good Wi-Fi, getting enough electricity from the solar panel, playing sports and then also trying to work is pretty exciting but can be tiring as well. Especially driving can make you very tired. You have to manage your time very well if you want to work as a digital nomad motorhome traveller. Of course, unlike a backpacking trip where you regularly spend hours on buses or trains, you cannot write or work while you are behind the wheel.

Sometimes if you really want to get your work done, you have to stay a few days at a campsite. Then you don’t have to worry about all the basics and you can really focus on the work.

How to become a freelancer?

Starting as a freelancer takes time and energy. It can take years to develop your company. It is a process. A large part of the process is to figure out what YOU want and can do. But of course, there are many tips that can help you with this. So with a good dose of motivation and the right advice, you can call yourself a digital nomad entrepreneur within no time.

In addition to freelancing, there are other ways to work without having a set location. One of the most important steps to become a digital nomad is to generate income. And because you have to take care of your family, it is important that this is a relatively stable income.

How can you do it?

As a freelancer, there is no boss, only clients. You decide your working hours but you have to be very focused and use your time wisely. Once you get the routine down pat you can work where and when you want. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Working on a journey

What makes life on the road so wonderful that people want to adopt such a lifestyle?

One would say freedom and total independence. You are no longer bound to a permanent place where you have to be but you are where you want to be. Another advantage is the views that change depending on your location. With your motorhome, you just go looking for a new view.

It is very liberating to choose the next place where you want to go. 

Everyone longs for a place to call their own. Imagine a mobile house that you have decorated by yourself, and where you feel calm, peaceful and safe. Living in a motorhome can help you achieve both having your own home and travelling the world.

Living as a digital nomad allows you to discover more and more new corners of the world, meet people, experience adventures and enjoy beautiful views. In addition, while working 100% remotely, you can afford a decent and comfortable life during your entire trip. That is why this lifestyle is definitely worth trying. Of course, if it’s your dream.

motorhome: campervan with tent over it.

Living in a small space

If you’ve never lived in a motorhome before, it’s probably hard to imagine what it’s like. You may wonder if it doesn’t feel incredibly small and the walls at a certain moment come at you. The answer to this is a resounding NO. A motorhome gives the feeling of freedom and at the same time, it feels like home. Every night you sleep in your own bed, you cook in your own kitchen and the outside world can be closed. Just like a house, a motorhome gives you a sense of a safe environment. The nice thing is that the view can be different every day. Park in the most beautiful places to enjoy the surroundings for a few days. Because you can constantly discover new countries and stay in different places, the camper feels great!

Are there any difficulties?

Of course, there are, nothing can be perfect. There are some things that can cause frustrations while living and travelling in a motorhome. For example, sometimes you can find it incredibly annoying to have the smell of an evening meal in the bed when you go to sleep. Doing and hanging laundry, taking a shower, washing your head. All these activities can be a bit embarrassing while motorhome travelling.

Where can you stay overnight with a camper?

You can stay overnight with a camper almost everywhere. Of course there are exceptions, and certainly, not all places are equally beautiful. But if you are looking for a bit of welfare, there are beautiful parking spots, or free camper pitches, but also remote pieces of land that you reach via an unpaved path.

A small disadvantage of free places, they often do not have facilities that you regularly need (waste and toilet discharge, water or electricity). If you decide to sleep in a remote and wild place, remember that this is not always a safe solution. In such cases, buy stun gun, stock up on safety measures and be ready to call for help at any time.

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