Get the Most Out Of Your Perfume with These Tips

Perfume is an art that makes your body speak. Perfumes are the most used and popular item in the world of beauty and grace. But the most wonderful perfumes are quite expensive. On top of that, if not worn right, either it usually doesn’t last long, or you will end up spraying the whole bottle on yourself. So if you are facing these issues, you need to apply and store it in the right places to get the most out of your perfume. So why waste the expensive bottle of charms when you can follow the perfume tips to get the most out of them.

Here are the easy and simple perfume hacks that will enhance your sweet-scented days. Good luck with your upcoming sweet-smelling outings in advance!

Place fragrance in the chill, dark places

First thing first, place your perfume in a cool, dry location of your bedroom. If you can, place your most favourite perfumes in the refrigerator where they can be chill, dry, and dark. People usually place their perfumes in their bathrooms, which cause the perfume to break down and weaken the scent. In any case, avoid keeping perfumes in light, heat, and humidity. But if you really want to display your elegant perfume bottles on the dressing table, keep them in their box to increase their lifespan.

Perfume sits better on warm areas

Perfumes react to heat. So if you want your perfume to last longer and spread to your whole body, spray over your body’s warm areas and pulse points. Pulse points are the specific places on your body where blood vessels are closer to your skin as compared to other areas of your body. Hence, your body will be slightly warmer there. As a result, it will evaporate the perfume containing alcohol and spread the scent more efficiently. The most effective pulse points on which you can spray your perfume are your neck, wrists, behind knees, on ankles, calves, inside elbows, and chest.

Moisturizer locks in your perfume

Moisturizer, like petroleum jelly, is the hack that helps you in almost everything. To make your fragrance last the longest, rub unscented moisturizer on your pulse points and spray the perfume over it. Moisturizers trap alcohol present in your fragrance and make it last much longer. Nowadays, moisturizers also come in a tiny bottle which you can easily carry in your clutch or pocket.  

The fragrance is better on well-hydrated skin

Trust me; dry skin is the arch rival to your perfume durability. Keep your skin moisturized before applying perfume as it will soak the fragrance on your skin instead of just evaporating it. Keep your skin well hydrated.

Wear Fragrance just after the shower

Remember, moisturizers help in locking the fragrance? The same is the case for the hot shower. Extract more of your perfumes by spraying perfume just after you take a shower. Shower expands your pours. As a result, the scent increases its longevity on your body. Here’s a word of advice, don’t wear your clothes right after spraying perfume as this will rub the perfume on your clothes, which would result in getting less of it.

Spray onto your hair brush

Surprisingly, your hair can trap fragrances much more than your body. So applying perfume over your hair increases the durability of the scent. Notice, alcohol present in perfumes can really dry out hair. Here’s a tip, spray perfume onto your hair comb or brush. This will transmit the scent through your hair evenly.

Don’t rub your perfume in

An old aged myth; we all have rubbed our wrists together after spraying perfumes in some part of our lives, hoping this will maximize the power of our perfumes. Here’s the tip: avoid rubbing your wrists as it breaks down the top notes and chemicals faster than they normally do. Spraying perfume is the priority but if you can’t spray, gently pat it on your body.

Get most of the last drop

Let’s be honest; we don’t want to waste even the last few drops of our expensive perfumes. Here’s a hack, pour those last, frustrating milliliters of fragrance into an unscented moisturizer. Not only can you create your own personalized lotion of your favorite fragrance, but also you will get the most out of your perfume.

Carry tiny cotton buds

Many of our favorite perfumes usually come in a bottle that can’t be easily carried. So instead of carrying the whole bottle, you can swab your perfume in cotton buds and carry throughout your day for touch-ups.

Don’t shake your perfume bottle

Don’t shake your perfume bottle, as it will let air in and decrease its quality and durability.

Wrapping up!

Perfume enhances not only your mood but also of others surrounding you. So make it more out of your favorite perfume to make your whole day wonderful. Who won’t love to smell lovely all day? By following these simple and easy tips, may you never face the day without smelling delicious.


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