Escape The Rat Race: Tips For Moving To The Countryside

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Do you wish that you could pack up your city life and escape by moving to the countryside? Well, this isn’t such a pipedream anymore as more and more families are doing just that and moving away from cities. But moving to a rural area might not be as easy as you expect. Some people find that swapping urban living for the slower pace of a rural life is a big change, and there are many other things that they need to get used to as well. To ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, here are some great tips that you should bear in mind. 

Get To Know Your Neighbors

If you have neighbors on either side of you in your new home, it is a good idea to pop round and say hello when you first move in. You might now be living quite far from your friends and family, so it’s worth getting to know those who live next door to you so you don’t feel completely isolated. If you move to a village that has a strong community, it could be useful to become part of it and join clubs and groups that meet on a regular basis, such as You’ll soon learn a lot of new people and will feel right at home.

Find out about internet and TV services

With so many of us working from home it is crucial to know whether or not our new location has an accessible internet connection. When living in rural areas, you may find that your only option is satellite internet as well as satellite TV. While this is a great service, it can be deemed as unreliable in comparison to it’s newest counterparts like cable TV and fiberoptic internet. This is when you need to ask your provider questions like;

It is important to make sure you are made aware of everything that you may need to know to make sure you aren’t taken by surprise. You don’t want to be working from home and have to lose work due to outages. 

Prepare For Bad Weather

If you thought that winters in the city were bad, just wait until you sample your first one in the countryside! You should take a look on and consider getting a four-wheeled drive vehicle as the roads usually aren’t well gritted and cleared when it snows in the country. Having such a vehicle could help you get to work safely no matter how bad the weather gets.  

Stock Up

Be prepared to do some bigger grocery shops. There are hardly any convenience stores and corner shops in the countryside, so you won’t simply be able to pop out to pick up any supplies if you ever run out. Make sure your kitchens cupboards are always well stocked so that you never have to drive all the way to your nearest supermarket just because you’ve ran out of something essential.

Consider Your Commute

Will you continue to work in the city? If you’re moving to the countryside, your commute will become longer. You might want to see if there are any public-transport links to use to get back into the city as the roads might be busy during rush hour. Once you get to know a few of the locals, you could start car sharing to get into the city if there are a few people heading there every day. This will help you to save on petrol.

Life in the countryside will certainly be a lot different to living in the city, but many people find that the relaxed pace of life makes it very much worth it. Hopefully, all of the tips above can help you adjust to this new life no matter how rural your new home is!

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