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Many homeowners need to know when to repair their furnaces. They can call a professional in Surrey if they want to have a professional inspection done in early fall or before wintertime. This way, they are warm and comfortable when the freezing blizzards and snow of winter arrives. Aside from comfort, it’s essential to know that the furnace won’t break down on a day when you need it the most.

Tune-ups for these appliances will need a careful inspection of the entire unit. The repairman can identify possible issues. They will advise you on the solution before the problems escalate into other problems. There’s the necessary maintenance that should be done in older appliances that are more than a decade to ensure that they are still in good condition.

If you suspect that furnace repair is needed, you may want to check a few more things before calling a technician. However, it’s recommended to leave everything in the hands of Surrey furnace repair technicians because the job may involve handling electricity and gas. Looking for reputable companies like Surguard Heating & Plumbing can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to your HVAC appliances.

Signs to Look For

If your appliance is old, you may want to check if everything is still in tiptop shape before calling in experts for furnace repair. Age can be a factor when it comes to repairs. But new systems are also prone to damage. Some of the unusual signs to look for are the following:

Inefficient System – If you notice that your electrical bills suddenly became higher than usual, you may want to check if your HVAC appliances are still running efficiently. The unit may have many cranky parts and accessories. It may have trouble warming the room up even if it’s already using tons of energy. If you suspect that there’s a sudden increase in your bill, call a professional for a more detailed inspection.

Uneven Warming – There may be cold or hot spots around your house that were the result of damaged, worn or clogged components. You need to ensure that your HVAC system is still working excellently. The heat that it should give should be even and consistent.

Experience Lower Comfort Levels – When temperatures around the house don’t reflect the numbers that you see on your thermostat, there may be an issue with the appliance. You may notice that you’ve set the temperature to the warmest setting possible, but you still feel cold. This can be caused by clogged air filters, worn parts, damaged fans, or loose belts.

There are Gas Leaks – Sometimes, a strong smell of gas may permeate around your appliance. The slightest spark from the wires may ignite a fire. This is an emergency that you should never overlook. You should get in touch with a heating & plumbing company immediately. Know more about other dangers when you click here

Furnace Repair Troubleshooting

furnace repair components

There are some things that professionals can do, or you may want to try if your heater is not working. Before the technicians arrive, you must have already done some of the troubleshooting steps to ensure that all the basics have been covered. This way, what the techs will check are possible significant problems that need more serious attention. Here are some of the things that you can try to do if you are comfortable doing them.

Turning On the Electrical Breakers – If you notice that the furnace is not working at all, you need to ensure that the switch from the electrical panel is turned on. Other family members may have switched it off, which can cause the appliance not to work. If there are discolored, damaged, or melted fuses, you may want to call an electrician for repairs.

Cleaning of Clogged Filters – You can clean the filters from time to time since big contaminants can’t pass through them, and they can accumulate over time. This can affect the overall indoor quality of the air and the performance of the unit. This can even result in a fire or system breakdown if you continue to ignore the filters. Check them regularly and replace them whenever necessary.

Replacement of the Thermostat Batteries – The thermostat batteries should be replaced from time to time because they can run out in months. You may discover that it’s not working or it’s showing incorrect numbers. After removing the batteries, use a clean cloth to wipe the dust or dirt on the thermostat.

Relighting of the Pilot Lights – It’s important to check the furnace flame and pilot lights when you are going to use your appliance. You can learn more about pilot lights here: If they are off, try to relight them by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you think that there are gases and leaks, you should immediately turn everything off. Then call the pros to handle the situation.

Open the Registers & Vents – Ensure that the vents and registers are open. If not, the unit won’t heat your home efficiently. If there are furniture pieces that are blocking the vents, rearrange them and see to it that there’s enough airflow going to your furnace.

These are just some of the troubleshooting steps that you can take when it comes to furnace repair. It’s still important to call the technicians in Surrey who have the right tools, skills, experience, and knowledge in handling these kinds of repairs.


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