Helpful Advice for Storage Unit Organization

Whether you are putting items away for the season or are moving house, being organized is critical when opting to use a self storage facility. After all, if you cannot find what you need when you access it, what is the point of using a storage unit? Before getting started, there are several things to consider from creating an inventory to cleaning the storage unit thoroughly. So, be sure to consider the following before choosing the best unit for your needs. 

Take inventory

Before you start piling your boxes, bags, and plastic containers into your storage unit, start by making a comprehensive list of inventory. When you go back to look for something after a few months or even a year or more, it may be challenging to remember which items you’ve packed  away.

So, while it is fresh in your memory, create an inventory list for the storage unit. Include every item in the unit, such as bed, blankets, holiday decor, baby items, kids’ school photos and artwork, sofa, and other such things. If you have a photographic memory, it may help take photos of every item or box of items you place in the unit.

Use clear plastic containers

Another idea to consider after the inventory list and before packing is to pack your items to place them in clear plastic containers. Even with an inventory list, you may feel lost finding your items, especially if you come back to your storage unit after a few years. Clear plastic bins are not only less expensive than cardboard boxes, but you can see the items inside them if you happen to forget to label the boxes.

It is easier and faster to look for the things you need in your storage unit at E-Z Garage Storage with plastic bins. Of course, whenever you can, label your containers even when you are able to see through the containers. Especially because you are storing items away from months, and possibly years, labeling is crucial.

Organise and disassemble

When you prepare for storage unit organization and plan to store furniture, remember to disassemble large pieces of furniture or place it upright. This will help to maximize the space inside your storage unit and organize your items more efficiently. Take headboards apart and keep them upright, disassemble tables, and take apart bedframes. You should, however, store  mattresses flat. When items cannot be disassembled, they may be used as extra shelving for lighter containers.

If there are items that you plan to get out of storage sooner, such as clothes or furniture, place these items at the front. Otherwise, you will find yourself organizing and reorganizing your storage unit each time you pick these items out of the unit. Also, be sure to ask the unit manager what you are and are not allowed inside the unit.

Always use high-quality packing supplies, such as plastic bins that are weatherproof, and will protect your clothing, papers, and other memories. And, be sure that the unit is cleaned thoroughly before the items are placed inside.

When you are preparing for a move, or cleaning out a garage and moving things out of your home, a storage unit can be a great temporary home for your items. However, you must keep your items clean, well-organized, and easy to find should you need them later on.


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