4 Money Saving Appliances That Pay for Themselves

You probably already know how hard it is to earn a few bucks and how easy it is to lose them. Making the right choices and saving money on little gadgets and appliances can actually save you a significant amount in the long run. The fact is that if you save just $100 per month throughout your working lifetime and you invest that money in an average mutual fund that grows at 10 percent annually, you will be worth more than $1 million by the time you retire. 

One of the easiest ways to save money is to purchase appliances that will eventually pay for themselves. Energy friendly home appliances will save you a lot more than what you expect in utility bills. Let me share with you what I do and what appliances I bought for my kitchen that helped me save money. Buying kitchen appliances is not cheap, do proper research to make an informed and smart investment. 

Single-serve coffee makers are not worth it

I am a coffee lover and very passionate about great beverages, but the plain truth is that single-serve coffee makers are overpriced. There is no doubt that single-serve coffee maker seems like a real convenience, but this doesn’t mean they are worth it, and all that convenience comes at a price. The pods, capsules or K-Cups can easily cost you $.50 to $.80 per serving, and this doesn’t include the cost of the energy used my single-serve coffee machines.

Remember, if you are using a single-serve coffee machine (like these), you are paying way more for the energy it consumes and the technology you are using than the actual value of the coffee itself. All the price is associated with the technology that can brew coffee in seconds. If you can manage your time in the mornings, then a French press is a coffee brewing system is a healthier, cheaper and much more cultured choice.

A vacuum sealer to save money

Ever since I have gotten a vacuum sealer in my kitchen, I am so happy as it is very beneficial for daily life cooking. It allows me to buy a lot of stuff in bulk at lower prices and keep it fresh and safe for quite an extended period. There are some foods that go bad really quick, and I don’t like to waste anything, so I just vacuum seal them in little bags and put them in the fridge. The vacuum sealers also make freezing food very convenient; you can quickly freeze things up to a year once they are vacuum sealed. Now I can buy produce when it’s in season and on sale and by doing so I can save a significant amount of money.

Soda making machine 

Yes, it is for real, you can save money by purchasing a soda making machine. I have actually saved around $500 last year by using my own soda making system rather than buying cola drinks from the store. I believe making your own soda at home is also a healthier alternative because you exactly know what is inside it, plus it gives you the opportunity to adjust your drink to your taste.

The only cost associated with making soda at home is a bottle of carbonation and a machine. One bottle of carbonation can make up to 60 litres of cola can cost between $10 to $15. A decent soda making machine can be purchased for a little more than a $100, this means that each litre of soda will cost you less than $0.25, which is nothing as compared to what we pay for a can of a soda drink at the store. It is a onetime investment that allows you to enjoy cheap soda drinks for a lifetime. 

Deep Freezer to Save Money

Buying a deep freezer can save you money and time. I use my freezer to save food at home and eat healthier homemade meals. I am a freezer cooker, which basically means that I cook and store my meals in the freezer once every month. It saves me a lot of time and mess, plus it is also very convenient on super busy days. Cooking meals every day is not only time consuming, but you also end up consuming a lot more energy, which translates into more electricity bills. Cooking all at once and storing food in the freezer has helped me save as much as $750 last year.   

When it comes to savings, think of your home as a single unit, with windows, air conditioners, water heaters and appliances. For maximum savings, you need to configure everything more smartly and efficiently. I hope reading this article gave you a little insight into improving your savings and introduced you to the best money-saving appliances that eventually pay for themselves.

What are your favorite money saving appliances?

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