New Vapers- Choose Your First E-Juice Wisely

With smokers learning about the harmful effects of cigarettes, vaping e-liquids are gaining popularity. Compared to a regular cigarette, vaping poses a very small carcinogenic threat to users.

Since e-liquids are pure extracts of resins and oils in the herbs, the risk of smoke is obsolete. There is zero tar emission, and it is a lot more economical.

Having said this, new vapers often end up choosing the wrong liquids, which deteriorates their experience. We are also increasingly seeing non-smokers vaping, particular those under the age of 18, which is both reprehensible and requires regulation.

So, what is the way to choose the right ejuice for your first vaping experience?

Go For a Flavour That Suits Your Buds

As with any regular consumable, you should try and test the flavour samples first. If you are a cigarette smoker than going for tobacco blends would be a good idea. Additionally, you can choose the flavour that resembles closely to the flavour of your regular smoke.

After all, it has always been about the taste. When you test check different flavours before you buy any, you get to know which one is the one that you like the most. Moreover, the first experience is what would eventually influence your shift from cigarettes to vaping.

Take Care Of The Nicotine Content

Of course, tobacco contains nicotine which is the primary reason why smoking is addictive. And, since the e-juices are extracted from tobacco, the nicotine is also extracted along with it. Nicotine, when consumed in the form of vapours, can cause a head-spinning high, which is not advisable.

When buying e-liquids for the first time, make sure that you buy the one with the least concentration. Reputable e-juice brands such as offer liquids with absolute zero nicotine content – just pure sensation of flavours and dense vapour clouds.

Choose a PG-VG Ratio That Provides Optimal Experience

The juices which are extracted from herbs are mixed with a base solution containing Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol. A ratio of these two alcohols defines the punch of the flavour and the density of the clouds.

A higher PG-VG ratio means that the clouds would weaken but the taste would be strong. On the other hand, a lower ratio means more clouds but little flavour. You need to optimise the concentration of both in order to get the best clouds with plenty of flavour.

Don’t Forget To Check Compatibility With Your Tech

Not all juices are compatible with all vaping devices. Your first ejuice experience depends upon the clouds and flavours produced. Apart from PG-VG concentration, there’s another factor that decides the quality of vapours – viscosity of the liquid.

Depending upon the power rating of your vaping device the viscosity should be carefully optimised. For example, a high-power vape would be able to heat dense liquids effortlessly, while a low-power one would be perfect to vape thinner juices. Going too high or low can either produce burnt flavours or not produce appropriate vaping clouds.

Now that you know what it takes to choose your first ejuice, be responsible when you enjoy your first session!


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