Do You Qualify For Social Security Disability?

No longer being able to work is something many of us Americans dread. This signals that we are lacking in some way that we can no longer do what we were once capable of doing. This fact alone can be devastating.

However, if one finds themselves in a predicament where they can’t work, there are ways to recoup the money. Social Security Disability is a payroll tax-funded by workers. It is essentially an insurance program for working Americans.


One factor individuals overlook when wanting to apply and qualify for social security disability is if they have paid into the system. You can’t apply for an SSD if you haven’t worked a job that paid into the program. For example, if you worked for cash, it wasn’t reported, this would make you ineligible to file. However, if you paid directly to Social Security or your employer had taken money out on your behalf, you would qualify.

Another factor for applying and winning your social security disability case is whether you have an injury that is approved by the SS office. There is a list of conditions approved for disability cases. This is an excellent place to start, knowing if you may or may not be approved. There are thousands of conditions and situations that can be considered a disability in the eyes of the Social Security offices. But the commonality of these conditions is that the disability lasts longer than a year.

You must have been out of work a year, or the disability is projected to last longer than a year before you may file. If you file before this criterion is met or documented by your doctor, the results will end in denial in many cases. Denial claims for first-time fillers are estimated to be 67%. So it’s a good idea to get a long-term disability insurance quote when the time is right, and not too soon. Timing and patience are key.

What Do You Need To File?

To file a disability claim, be prepared to have medical records. This is a non-negotiable aspect of the filing process. You’ll need verification of an injury or why you are unable to work for at least a year or longer. Often you’ll need a doctor’s recommendation for disability.

How Long Can I Receive Benefits?

Typically, an injured worker can receive payments until they are able to return to work. This can be for a year or two, if not longer. It really depends on the situation. Social Security also has work incentives to help workers transition back into the workforce. SSD can last up until the age of 65 when retirement benefits will then take over.

Should You Hire An Attorney?

While you are more than able to apply for social security disability on your own, there are several reasons not to—the first reason being the complex nature of applying. The second is that if you are denied, you’ll have to endure the five-month waiting period. With Social Security Disability Lawyer Oklahoma City & Tulsa, you’ll stand a better chance of winning your case. There are no upfront fees for using an attorney. The payment to your attorney comes as a percentage of the bulk payment received.

Hiring an attorney can make the process much simpler while increasing your chances of victory. For most individuals that go at it alone, they find it is difficult, and the majority are denied for the first application.

I hope this post helps you qualify for social security disability!


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