How to Choose the Right Skirts For Your Travels

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When a lot of women travel, they automatically pack jeans, shorts, and trousers. This is a bit of a shame because skirts and dresses are actually a great option for travelling. They look good and are very comfortable. In a hot climate, they are often far cooler than trousers are. Plus, if you want to dress up for a special evening out you have what you need to do so. However, when travelling you do need to be careful about which style of skirt you pack. Some are more suitable for certain destinations than others are. Here we look at what is available and help you choose the right skirts for your travels.

Maxi skirts

This style of skirt is amongst the most versatile styles. One that is made from a lightweight material will protect you from the sun without your getting hot. For countries, like Morocco, where all men and women are required to cover their legs completely they are an especially good option.

This style of skirt never really goes out of fashion, so you can always buy them. You can also click here for more maxi skirts to take travelling with you.

Try to choose one that is casual enough to wear to the beach yet smart enough for a night out. If you are trying to buy a modest one, be sure to check that it is not see through when you stand with the sun shining behind you.

Chino skirts

If you are planning an active holiday a chino style skirt can be a good option. They are hardwearing yet soft, flexible and comfortable. Think of them as the jeans of the skirt world. This style of skirt can be worn pretty much anywhere.

Pencil skirts

For a slightly more formal look, go with a pencil skirt. They can easily be paired with a light jacket, a colourful blouse, some costume and jewellery and low pumps for a wedding or other special occasion. During the rest of the time, that same skirt will be ideal for nights out.

A-line skirts

The A-line cut is one that flatters most body types. It looks stylish and is a great way to stay cool. You can easily dress this style of skirt up or down.

Skater or midi skirts

If you want to tan your legs, but are worried about showing your underwear when you climb stairs or bend over, opt for a skater or midi skirt. Currently, they are far easier to get hold of than miniskirts anyway.

Skater skirts are thought, by many, as a young person’s cut. In reality, they look good on most women. They are fun, which makes them ideal for a holiday.

How to pack your skirts

Ideally, you want your skirts to be wrinkle-free when you take them out of the case. You can find out how to do that here. If you are a new traveller looking for more general packing tips, you can find those in this article we wrote not so long ago.

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