4 Tips for Diligent Travelers Flying to NY

It is common for most travelers to follow a hectic schedule upon reaching the destined NY airport. This means that they simply cannot afford to waste time or spend more time at the airport after landing. However, it is a fact that NY airports have become more crowded than they were a few years ago in terms of congestion.   

Whether it is the JFK, Westchester, or the Long Island MacArthur airport, all NY airports tend to serve millions of passengers each year. As more passengers throng the major NY airports and are flying to NY, travelers with a hectic schedule are likely to face a more upsetting experience. 

An undue waste of time while moving to and from the airport is perhaps what they want to avoid. Keeping this in mind, following are four exemplary tips to follow:

Change Your Flying Day and Time

Obviously, you cannot ask the airport officials to reduce the crowd. However, what you can do is change your flying day. To avoid facing the negative consequences of airport crowds, consider flying during weekdays to escape landing during the more congested weekends. 

Further, avoid flying to NY during hours when congestion is at its peak. As major NY airports serve thousands of passengers each day, a few hours are such when the jam is intolerable. It is wise to avoid these hours. 

Choose Expedited Screening

This screening is a practical option. Busy flight travelers are always in the mood of quicker security check-ins so that they can leave the airport earlier than others. Thus, they hardly carry things that can cause them to wait more at the destination airport. Although recommended, expedited screening is not for everyone but it is wise to apply for it. 

Be Seated in Front in the Flight

Make an effort to get a seat in the front so that you board the plane last and leave it first. While boarding, this is beneficial because you do not have to hurry to find your seat. While leaving, you need not wait for others to get off.

Be Proactive

This means that you should take all measures that can save your time while leaving or reaching any NY airport. For example, you should go for online check-in rather than carrying out the procedure at the airport. Further, you should not exceed the total check-in baggage limit, which means to pack light. You may choose to have cabin baggage to reduce the check-in baggage weight or carry nothing with you to pass quickly via security.

Before you fly from the source airport, it makes sense to book a car so a dedicated chauffeur is there to receive you when you land. Busy travelers seriously have no time to arrange for transport once they landing. After all, a long queue for a cab or shuttle at any NY airport has become common. 

Thus, it is worth hiring a car from the service provider at the destination. For example, if you are reaching MacArthur airport, you may search for Long Island airport transportation or Long Island airport limo service and book in advance.  


Following these tips is bound to save much of your time when you travel to or from any NY airport. 

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