5 Psychology Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Job

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Do you have a dream job? Do you have a career that you just wish that you could take the first few steps up the ladder?

If you do, then you are likely to want to do your best to secure this job. What you may not realise is that psychology could be the helping hand that you need.

To help you understand more, we have put together 5 psychology tips that could help you to secure your dream job and why they may just work out for you.

Try to bag the best slot of the day

Of course, sometimes you have to go for the slot that you are given when it comes to interviewing, but some companies will give you the ability to choose from a few options. Try your very best to avoid the first or last interview of the day. These are when the interviewers are not going to be as focused, they may be thinking about what to have for their dinner, or not quite awake yet. Either way, it is best to choose a slot around the 10-10:30 a.m mark.

Think positively

You should never, ever, underestimate the power of positive thinking! If you think about yourself getting the job, you will give your confidence a boost. This confidence will then transfer into the way that you hold yourself, answer questions and appear to the people who are interviewing you. In turn, you will be more likely to land that dream job.

Not only this but if you think negatively about things then you are going to bring yourself down. Applying for and going through an interview for a role is tricky enough to deal with, let alone heaping extra stress on yourself.

Dress for the interview

Now, by this, we don’t mean that you need to pop on a suit and look smart when you attend an interview. What we mean is that psychology can give you some pointers on colours to wear in order to help you through the interview.

Certain colours give off feelings that can then be attributed to qualities that you possess, which will then be picked up by the person or people interviewing you for the role. Some options to consider:

  • Orange- confidence, cheerfulness and a friendly nature
  • Red- exciting, youthful and bold in decisions
  • Pink- creative and wise
  • Blue- trustworthy and dependable
  • Light grey- balanced and calm

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to go all out with these colours in your outfit, but small touches are definitely going to help.

Give a power pose a go

Have you ever heard of a power pose? No? Well, they can really help when it comes to confidence. Power poses may be a physical act, but they can have a huge impact on how you feel.

There are a few power poses out there that you can try out. One of the most powerful has to be the Superman pose; stand with your hands on your hips and tilt your head up. You may be surprised by just how great this can make you feel. Just don’t be tempted to pop your pants on the outside!

Be complimentary about the company and the interviewer

Chances are, if you are interviewing for your dream job then you are going to already think it is a pretty great place to work. Which means that giving some compliments about the organisation is going to come easily to you. What might not flow so easily are compliments about the person interviewing you.

If you can work, it into the interview make sure you deliver some sincere compliments. Don’t be over the top. Gentle compliments work much better and will put in a positive light in their eyes.

Hopefully, by trying out these top tips you are going to be one step closer to securing your dream job and starting off your career. Ultimately, the only person who can help you to ace an interview is you, so it is down to your own actions and how you perform on the day to get you where you want to be.

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