The HCG Diet: Myths and Facts Revealed

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Obesity can be a major issue in most people’s lives. We can hate it as much as we want, ignore it, or we can even learn to love it and live with it, but it will not change the fact that obesity really does affect our lives in a big way. Yes, it is true that we should learn to accept and love ourselves the way we are. It helps us to stay mentally strong and psychologically healthy. But it is also true that eventually, this theory is of no use when obesity catches up with you in the form of physical damage to your body.

Obesity can cause a lot of damage to your body if you let it go out of control. It’s the main cause of many problems like blood pressure, heart problems, arthritis, diabetes, and more. Once you are diagnosed with any of these major problems, it is difficult to get out of them. So it is important to control your weight at the right time and at the right age.

How to control obesity

The first step towards your weight loss plan should be your determination. Lack of determination and motivation will definitely lead you to drop your weight loss in between, no matter how effective your gym or diet coach is. You can refer to this article from Health Works Collective to keep yourself motivated and to remind yourself that why is this so important to you. There are a number of ways in which a person can control his/her weight and reduce it down to a level which is normal and healthy. A healthy lifestyle, controlled diet, and an active routine can help a person to achieve his/her goal weight. Along with adopting these methods, there are certain kinds of diets and supplements that can help you to achieve weight loss.

One such method is the HCG diet which helps you to reduce your weight effectively by first, reducing your calorie intake to the minimum, and second, boosting your metabolism rate by inducing HCG hormone in the form of supplements or through injections.    

This diet has proved time and again that it is one of the most reliable and safe methods of losing weight. By injecting hormones that are naturally present in our body in limited quantities, we can be assured that this will not harm us as our body is already adapted to it. This diet has been tried by many people and they are very happy with the results. Although this diet has gone through many scientific types of research and is also vouched by experts, there are still many myths and doubts attached to it. These myths prevent people from trying this diet and scare them away.

Myths and Facts

Here are some of the common misunderstandings and myths which people usually have about HCG diet:

Myth 1: The HCG diet is just a fad diet.

Reality: A fad diet is one which is considered to be in fashion at a particular period of time. People tend to look at the HCG diet as a diet which is just a new trend and is followed by people and celebrities to gain popularity. They have a misconception about this diet and think that the life period of this diet is very short-lived. Basically, the craze will soon fade away and people will soon shift to a new diet trend. But this is just a myth. The HCG diet has been followed for more than 50 years, when Dr ATW Simeons discovered a method of losing weight through hormones. And it doesn’t seem likely that its effectiveness is going to wear off soon.   

Myth 2: The HCG diet is addictive

Reality: As this diet helps to shed weight in a short period of time, it surprises people and makes them believe that people can get addicted to this kind of weight loss plan. The reality is that the HCG diet, when supervised by an expert, is a very strategic and systematic diet. It works at a slow pace and is initially a high weight loss plan, then gradually brings them back to their normal diet schedule. This helps a person to get settled into their previous diet routine very easily.   

Myth 3: The HCG diet is an illusion.

Reality: It’s quite natural for people to assume that most of the weight that is dropped is due to consuming very fewer calories a day. Yes, anybody would lose weight if they intake 500 calories in a day, but they would also feel very weak, lethargic and lacking in energy. People who have been on the HCG diet have shared their experience of actually being full of energy and not even craving food. When HCG hormones are injected into your body, your body utilizes the stored fat as energy, which makes you feel full and energized.

Myth 4: The HCG diet is harmful to the body.

Reality: This is a completely false statement as the main objective of this diet is to lose weight naturally with a hormone which is already present in our body. The presence of HCG increases in a woman’s body when she is carrying a baby in her womb. This implies that HCG is a completely natural phenomenon which works on boosting and accelerating the metabolism rate, which in turn reduces the fat in our body.

Myth 5: The HCG diet has adverse side effects.

Reality: As discussed above, the HCG diet is a process of reducing fat by inducing a naturally occurring substance in our body. The body will not react adversely to a hormone with which it is familiar. But it’s also true that you should not start this diet without the supervision of an expert. Your mentor will guide you and explain the concept of the diet to you, as well as the amount of HCG intake you should have. Always remember that if you are experiencing a side-effect, there must be a problem involving an incorrect dosage.

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