Essential Oil Vapes: Know the Safety And Benefits

Essential oils have been used as far back as I can remember. Yet they haven’t always been used in the same way. And it appears that they are growing in popularity these days, especially due to all the different ways in which they can be used.

Can you grasp what I’m talking about? Everything will be much clearer to you if you visit sites like and take a look at all the different essential oil products. Among them, you’ll come across something called “aromatherapy diffuser”. Do you know what this can be used for?

If you don’t, then I would love to see your face when I tell you. Oh boy, are you going to be shocked. So, let me put this as bluntly as possible before I get to explaining it in more detail. Aromatherapy diffusers are, simply said, your vape pens for essential oils. What’s that, you’re shocked?

Well, close that jaw and stop staring at the screen in a stunned manner. I’m about to explain everything. And when you hear how all of this works, things will be much clearer. In other words, your shock will quickly be subdued. This really isn’t that surprising.

Essential Oil Vapes: Can You Really Vape Them?

In order to understand if this is really possible, you need to learn a thing or two about essential oils. These are natural products extracted from various beneficial plants. Each plant has its own, unique, aromatic compounds. The oils capture those compounds, i.e. the plant’s flavor and scent. That way, a product is created from natural ingredients and it’s known to have some benefits for people’s health. Read more here.

Now, you know that people have been using these products for quite some time, and not only for its aromatic characteristics. Yet it seems that the possibility of vaping them is a completely new revelation in your world. Don’t worry, it’s fairly new for anyone. So you’re not far behind.

As you already know, vaping first appeared as the act of inhaling vapor through an electronic cigarette. Although the principle remained the same, there are now various kinds of smoking devices, such as pens, for example. You are probably familiar with this.

What you might not be familiar with is that there are diffusers used for essential oil vapes. These diffusers are used in aromatherapies. Simply put, a combination of water, essential oils and vegetable glycerin is heated to a certain degree in order to create a cloud of aromatherapy vapor. Notice that there is no nicotine here. So, to answer the question – yes, you can really vape them.

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But, Is It Safe?

There are ongoing debates about whether these products should be inhaled this way. And while research is still being conducted, no serious side-effects have been discovered by now. That goes to show that you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to using these aromatic products with your vape pens.

Yet, you can never go wrong by asking for advice from experts on the topic. You can consult a few aroma therapists and hear their respective opinions about this. Furthermore, it is not advisable to exaggerate with these products. Well, it’s not exactly advisable to exaggerate with fruit intake either, although nobody can deny that fruits are healthy. The trick is to find a good balance.


Yet, although this is safe, there is another question that poses itself here. Why would you even think about doing this in the first place? Is it really necessary? Well, no, it’s not exactly necessary and you can live a normal life without doing this. Yet, there are many things that you don’t really need to survive, but essential oil vapes are good for your health.

Exercise much? People who have tried this claim that they have noticed a significant improvement in their sleep cycle. Plus, they say it makes you more relaxed and helps reduce anxiety. Furthermore, essential oil vapes is said to help with respiratory inflammation and generally boost your immune system. All of that without side-effects. Well, I’d say it is definitely worth a try.


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