Four Things To Do Before Planning A Wedding

Joyful, that is what planning a wedding can be, as long as you go about the whole process in the right way. Of course, this means you need to begin on the right foot. That is to say, there are a few things that you need to deal with before you can even start planning your wedding. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Compare your expectations

One of the most important things you need to do before you begin wedding planning is to compare what you want and expect with what your partner wants and desires. After all, many people have some preconceived and particular ideas about how they expect their wedding to be. The problem is that when these don’t match up, you can run into a whole range of issues, from disagreements to overspending.

Therefore if you are looking for a traditional wedding with all the trimming and your partner would rather have a private service or elopement, be sure to discuss and come to some compromise before you go ahead. 

Discuss who you will invite 

It’s also smart to think carefully and agree on who you will invite to your wedding before beginning the planning process. There are several reasons for this. The first is that you have to have at least a rough idea of numbers to get accurate quotes for your venue and other costs. 

You may also end up planning a specific part of your wedding, depending on who is going to attend. For example, if you have older parents whose mobility is limited, picking an accessible venue will be particularly important. 

Pay off your debts 

Weddings tend to be expensive. They can even be one of the most significant expenses with which a couple has to deal. To that end, going into wedding planning with a whole load of debt isn’t the most sensible idea. After all, do you want to start your married life with your wedding and other debts on your shoulders?

Instead, it’s much smarter to do all you can to pay off your debts before you begin planning and paying for your wedding. You can even get some help and advice on how to do this from organizations like Debt to Success System online. In fact, by following a set system, your chances of clearing your debt are much higher. 

Consider venues 

Finally, before you begin your wedding planning in earnest, you need to carefully consider both your ceremony’s location and the type of venue you want. In particular, you need to think about whether you will get married and have your reception in the same place, or whether you will move your guests from one venue to another during the day. 

before planning a wedding: wedding table

Also, be sure to carefully think about whether you will look for venues close to your home. Alternatively, you may be better off choosing a location where most of your guests live. After all, such choices can play a significant role in determining how many people attend your wedding.


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