Herbalife at UN’s Forum on Sustainable Development 2018

One of the corporate partners for the UN’s Forum on Sustainable Development in 2018 is Herbalife Nutrition. This nutrition and wellness company is leading the way in affirming support for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is going to be featured in various speaking panels at the forum to share ways in which other nutrition companies can follow in its proactive footsteps.

The forum will be held in Singapore and will include representatives from countries all over the world as well as companies committed to helping all people achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

herbalife nutrition: sustainable development.

Tod Gimbel is scheduled to speak on multiple panels at the forum on behalf of the company. He will share in-depth details about the company’s commitment to connecting with customers and educating them about the impact of their dietary choices. Gimbel will field questions about the company’s forward-thinking Nutrition Clubs that have formed all over the world.

They have grown to a total of 90,000 and engage members in unique ways to provide invaluable information and education about living a healthy lifestyle for the long-term. Gimbel will also provide insight on how the company has partnered with other corporations and government agencies to spread the world about healthy eating choices. 

Sustainable Development

One of the ways that this nutrition giant has contributed to the global quest for sustainability is by raising awareness of pressing health issues as a result of poor nutritional choices. Magnifying the discussions about obesity and the many chronic illnesses that it may cause has led to increased government involvement in promoting and funding nutritional and physical activity programs in the U.S. and beyond.

This company has also been at the forefront of educating parents about the importance of good nutrition in their children. Rather than sending a restrictive message about foods that should be avoided at all costs and encouraging customers to count calories, it has promoted a more comprehensive model of nutritional coaching. 

Nutritional coaching is available on an individual level for customers who connect with the company’s independent consultants. Decades of science-backed information on how to maintain a healthy diet is passed along to customers who feel more energized and empowered thanks to nutrient-rich products that foster a healthy lifestyle.

This company is certainly a leader in the direct selling market for providing accurate and accessible nutritional information at an affordable cost. This is changing the game in terms of average people seeing good nutrition as something that they can make room in their family budgets for. 

Additional Details About Herbalife Nutrition

With more than 625,000 sales consultants and 8,000 employees, Herbalife Nutrition is one of the largest nutritional companies in the world. It is valued at more than $4 billion and continues to grow each year as customers enjoy positive results from their products. This company’s goal has always been to make its customers happier and healthier by exposure to a healthy lifestyle and the tools to maintain it.

This starts with educating its sales representatives and providing them with an abundance of resources to pass along to their customers. All health and nutrition counseling made available by the company is backed by a positive outlook and years of scientific research. 

One of the major things that sets this company apart from other distributors of weight management products is that it does not singularly focus on weight loss. Instead of measuring success only by the number of inches or pounds its customers lose, this company emphasizes constant improvements to overall health and a balanced, sustainable development and relationship with food. 


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