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If there’s one thing I have learned about my health, especially as the days and months turn into years and I cascade towards my mid-thirties (!), it’s that how I sleep pretty much runs how I feel. But sleep isn’t as I used to believe, just about stuff like what time I get to bed or whether I’ve had a couple of drinks or not. As it happens, I’m still a night-owl but am pretty much tee-total these days.

The truth is it’s more about the little aches and pains, and stiffness that I invariably get if I don’t sleep comfortably. It’s amazing how 5 or 10 years ago I could pretty much nod off and stay asleep just about anywhere and anytime. More than ever, I’m hyper-analysing my bed set up and thinking about how to make it better.

Being an American, I’m definitely into big, thick mattresses. My other half grew up in Spain, where people seem to sleep on mattresses that are half as thick as I’m used to, and every time we visit family there I come home with a backache! At the moment, I’m letting myself down because frankly, my current mattress has run its course and an upgrade is urgently required. I’m finding myself having to turn every couple of hours during the night and my sleep is pretty broken. Give me a new, firm thick mattress and I’ll easily go 5 or 6 hours in a deep sleep. Basically, a comfortable bed set-up will guarantee that physically I feel as good as I possibly can.

So while I’ve been hunting for a perfect mattress, I’ve come across Bed Guru’s #NestGuru campaign and signed up to it. Bed Guru is an online bed retailer that prides itself on being a sleep specialist when it’s time to choose your mattress. What has impressed me most about the campaign is the recognition that no two people share the same sleeping requirements and that as a retailer Bed Guru considers it an obligation to ensure that its customers get a great night’s sleep.

As someone who needs to make sure that if all else in my home fails, I have to have a mattress that is perfect for me, this campaign definitely speaks my language.

How to Choose a Mattress

With lots of options to choose from when it comes to mattresses, it may be confusing to decide which one may be the best fit. I’ve been browsing the Bed Guru website and have decided on a few favourites. Aside from good looks, what makes all these mattresses different? I’ve realised that there are so many details and differences between each type of mattress, but there are always a few highlights to consider that will help you narrow it down.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

  • Offers superb comfort and support
  • Each spring works independently
  • Great at distributing weight
  • No pressure on any part of your body

Sprung Mattresses

  • Most commonly used mattress in the world
  • Extremely durable
  • Wide range of comfort levels available
  • Offers great support and comfort

Non-Sprung Mattresses

  • Extremely durable
  • Available with a range of fillings
  • Offers great comfort and support
  • Great value for money

Breathable Mattresses

  • Breathable mattresses
  • Exceptional level of support and comfort
  • Responsive material which moulds
  • Eases any pressures on your body

Memory Foam Mattresses

  • All over body comfort
  • Promotes good posture
  • Moulds to shape your body perfectly
  • Relieves pressure built up over the day

Adjustable Mattresses

  • Allows you to alter your sleeping position
  • Designed to lift and rise
  • Ideal for those with back problems
  • Complete control over your sleeping position

Orthopaedic Mattresses

  • Firm feel
  • Aligns the spine while you sleep
  • Pressure-relieving properties
  • Helps with any back problems or joint pains

Couple Mattresses

  • Bespoke split mattresses
  • Range of firmness options
  • Each side works independently
  • Handmade in the UK

Organic Mattresses

  • Handmade using organic cotton
  • Contains no glues or adhesives
  • Naturally achieved UKAS certification
  • Designed for your greatest comfort and health

Rolled Mattresses

  • Tightly vacuum packed with next day delivery
  • No turning necessary
  • Provides maximum spinal support
  • Dust mite resistant & hypoallergenic

Active Sport Mattresses

  • Specially designed to aid recovery
  • Breathable materials enhance ventilation
  • Alleviates pressure points
  • Recommended by professional athletes

So, what mattress should you choose? There are different things to consider – a big one is whether or not you share your bed. I’ve had to consider the needs of my other half when deciding on my mattress. Not only his general preference but also his needs. With his needs in mind, my physical needs in mind, and after having looked at all the mattress options I decided on our my best bet – a pocket sprung mattress.

So, with all of the options available, why have I decided to go for one of the most common mattress types? Well, a pocket sprung mattress is perfect for our needs. Each spring works independently which is perfect to distribute your weight and not put pressure on any of part of your body. For a couple with a bad back (him) and bad leg joints (her), a pocket sprung mattress is the perfect solution for a good night’s sleep.

What do you do when it’s time to choose your mattress?

in collaboration with BedGuru
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