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Perfume junkies take heart, those huge perfume companies know that few can afford their expensive prices every time a new perfume comes out. Of course, sometimes all you want is a sample to test it out. One of my favourite travel hacks is to stock up on these handy sizes. You can still travel light and be able to wear a different perfume for each occasion. Here are some ways to get those free samples of perfume.

Order Free Samples Online

It’s quick and easy to order samples online. Many of the perfume retailers offer free perfume samples when you purchase any perfume from their company. Select the perfume that you want and place it into your virtual cart. When you checkout, they will prompt you to select a free sample. Many of the retailers offer a perfume or cologne sample. Still, others will offer samples of perfume and other beauty products. Select those that you want and they will be added to your virtual cart.

Many retailers want you to spend a pre-set amount of money before they will offer you free samples. Some of the stores require that you purchase something from the beauty department. A good example is that you couldn’t buy a clothing item and get a free perfume sample, what you purchase must be from the same department.

Many online retailers offer free perfume samples including Sephora, Nordstrom, and Ulta.

Sign Up With A Perfume Company

Once you’re signed up you’ll receive periodic emails with free samples of upcoming and new scents in their perfume line. Choose which companies you’ll sign up for and get your favourite new scents. You’ll be offered even more free offers as you go.

Check for offers often and you’ll satisfy your desire for more perfume.

While it may seem time-consuming, you can find a way to streamline it and collect your free rewards. Just check your email frequently and grab them up as they come in.

You can also use a unique and separate email address for this if you wish. This may help you to spot offers more quickly. Remember, many of the companies only have limited numbers of free samples so you have to be quick to get the samples.

A few of the companies that you can sign up with are as follows: Calvin Klein, Hermes, Marc Jacob, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana. Browse catalogues for perfume companies and check perfume counters to find the scents that you want to get freebies on.

Check With Customer Service

Looking for a specific scent? Call customer service or write to them and see if you can’t finagle a free sample. All you have to do is ask and often they’ll send you a free sample. It’s that simple.

Just remember to be super polite and if they do say no, remain polite and don’t be offended (imagine how many people ask for free samples to put this in perspective). Many of the companies will gladly send you free samples.

Sign Up On Free Sample Websites

There are many free perfume sample websites available online today. Go in and sign up for them, like FreeStuff Baby. You can research manufacturer’s websites, check Facebook/Twitter and anywhere else that you see offers.

Again, don’t use your regular email address, you’ll be bombarded with offers and it can be overwhelming.

Never give out your credit card info. If the sites aren’t willing to send things for free don’t use them. This also goes for shipping, many places are bogus and want to get your info to steal your identity so don’t give it out. Don’t be fooled, free is free.

Visit The Perfume Counter

Many stores that sell perfume at a perfume counter have open bottles for you to test the perfume. Spray it on yourself and check it out. Let it dry to see how your body chemistry reacts with it. Then you can go back and glamour yourself up before a big date if you like it.

Keep an empty glass vial with you and ask retailers if you can make a sample. Some of the higher end stores will allow this.

What do you use perfume samples for?


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