How to Fit 10kg of Luggage into a 5kg Allowance

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Limited to just hand luggage? Only going away for a short, fleeting break? Backpacking across Europe? Whatever your scenario, packing light can be daunting when faced with what you should take, sacrificing your favourite pair of shoes, all whilst battling luggage allowances and restrictions. With our essential packing tips, though, you can expect to gain in that tight luggage allowance and ensure you have everything you need for your holiday. These travel hacks are ones that you must heed!

Outfits to Take on Holiday

Jeans: It all comes down to the climate you’re travelling to. If you’re catching some sun, you may want to take a pair of jeans or leggings for the cooler evenings. Opt for black to easily shift between casual and a more dressed-up look. You don’t need to take more than one pair away with you, especially as denim should only be washed when it is genuinely dirty and not simply worn more than once. Alongside your jeans, take any other bottoms you wish to wear on holiday and take only the amount you need for the time you’re away.

T-Shirts: You can never go wrong and not look stylish with a classic tee. Bring enough options for a fresh one each day, but ensure they’re in plain, block-coloured styles to ensure they go with everything else you’re taking. As items that’ll see you through not just your holiday, but the seasons, it’s important to invest in quality over low prices. When you shop online you can also find great savings using My Favourite Voucher Codes to get money off retailers like Gap and Marks and Spencer, who offer quality basic lines with a selection of crew, V and scoop necklines.

Shoes: If you have to take two pairs of shoes, ensure you wear the clunkier pair to the airport and slip your flip flops or sandals easily into your suitcase. The same goes for any accessories you’re taking, especially for hot climate holidays. Hats and sunglasses can be worn to the airport, affording you more space in your case. If you’re going somewhere colder, hats and scarves may not be appropriate, depending on the time of year you’re flying out.

Swimwear: When it comes bikinis and swimming costumes, do you really need to take more than one option? Especially only on short breaks, we’re giving you approval that it is absolutely fine to wear your cossie more than once in a row. Leave it outside to air dry and it’ll be as good as new for the next day when you fancy another dip. When it comes to underwear, either take as much as you need or even shop lycra multi-packs and wash as you travel. By buying lycra styles, you can benefit from the easy to wash and quick to dry material.

Our top travel hacks tip? As you pack, piece together the outfits you’ll wear. If you’re only taking sandals and a pair of heels, do you really need three pairs of socks? Are you really going to wear that black bra when you’ve got all light-coloured clothing?

How Else Can You Save Space?

Health & Beauty Products: Subjected to just 10 lots of 100ml clear bottles, why not simply buy your sun cream, shampoo and make-up at the airport? No need to decanter into awkward, tiny bottles and ensure you’re sticking to the limiting packing requirements. You could even buy your toiletries when you’re abroad. The likelihood is they could be considerably cheaper, or your hotel might even provide complimentary shampoo and conditioner.

Other Items: Fancy something to read during your flight? If you’re scraping to find more space, you should buy these items at the airport, too. Besides, you generally get a better selection of magazines in train stations and airports, offering international editions. Other travel essentials like plug adaptors will be available at the airport to buy. Let’s face it, you were likely to forget that last one anyway. And the ultimate tip? By shopping at the airport, you can also ensure you get a plastic shopping bag. Buy just a few small items with room for, say, a backpack? Wheel in your suitcase and pack a backpack full of items too that you can easily slip into the plastic bag before you board.

Hotel Facilities: It’s worth checking out what else your hotel might provide to avoid packing your own. Most if not all hotels provide bathroom towels, but do they also have beach towels available to use? You may not be able to live without straightening your hair, but do you really need to take a hair dryer? Why not check if this is something that is provided with your room, too? Also, consider the need for an electric shaver or toothbrush? They add extra weight to your already limited weight allowance as well as space. Use manual

Sharing Items: From toiletries to hair tools, if you’re travelling with friends or family, why not see if there are any items you can both use to free up space. Travelling with the girls and are similar sizes? You could even look to swapping shoes and tops to create more outfits between for nights out on the town.

Strategic Packing: Think about the way you’re packing and find the method that works for you. Roll items up or split into separate compartments. We would advice putting toiletries in loose so as to avoid one lumpy washbag on top of all your perfect compacted clothing. Toothbrushes, flannels and hairbrushes down the sides and in the gaps to make the most of the space you have.

When it comes down to it, fitting in everything you need is all about being strategic and thinking rationally about what you need. Work out your outfits to ensure everything goes and that you’re not taking items you’re not likely to even wear. Alternatively, follow our foolproof travel hacks and you can afford to be more flexible with what you pack.

What travel hacks can you share?


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